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Version 14.4 is the latest and final release of the 14.x series, which brought some great features and performance boosts to UEStudio. See the core features of v14.00 below, or click one of the minor releases to learn more about what's been changed since.

UEStudio v14 Released: UEStudio your way with editor themes, layouts, and more!

UEStudio '14 is now here with the much-anticipated editor themes feature! With a single click, change UEStudio's skin, editor colors, and syntax highlighting colors to the look and feel that you want. This release also includes CSS color tooltips - a convenient new feature that will save web developers and designers precious time when creating and modifying CSS colors. UEStudio '14 delivers performance boosts with greatly improved file handling performance from files 100s of MB large to files in excess of 10 GB in size. Navigation, file opening and parsing, scrolling, and more are all significantly smoother and more responsive with larger files in this release. Read on below for more...

New: Editor themes

Themes are an exciting new feature not because of what they can do but because of what you can do! Themes give you complete control of the appearance of the application, from menus to dockable panes, from toolbars and editor colors to status bar styling. Give it a try now and check out some of our predefined themes from the View -> Themes submenu.

Screenshot of Editor Themes in v14

Screenshot of Editor Themes in v14

Use one of our many predefined themes, modify existing themes, or easily create your own in the Manage Themes dialog. Export and import themes to share them with friends or coworkers.

Screenshot of Editor Themes in v14

Editor themes give you the ability to skin the app from top to bottom to match your style and preferences. Even better - with editor themes, you can set your syntax highlighting defaults, and any wordfiles you add in the future will pick up your default colors to match your active theme! With themes, syntax highlighting settings are now stored with your theme - not your wordfiles - so you'll never need to worry about manually setting colors for new highlighting languages.

Screenshot of Editor Themes in v14

New: Environments Are Now "Layouts"; Easier to Use

For years, UEStudio has supported multiple layout and profile configurations under the umbrella of "Environments". In v14, we've renamed this feature to "Layouts" and simplified and streamlined it by providing only 3 default configurations with more descriptive names.

Additionally, the underlying configuration mechanism for handling layouts has been updated to ensure that your customizations and changes are not overwritten as part of an upgrade or update. You can quickly change your layout on fly with the new layout and theme picker or use the redesigned Layout Manager dialog. (Your existing environments will still be available as layouts when you update to v14.)

Screenshot of editor layouts in v14

New: CSS Color Tooltips

Preview your CSS and HTML colors by simply hovering over the color definition in your source code! Move your cursor on top of a CSS color in your HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, or other web file, and UEStudio will show a small tooltip containing the defined color.

Screenshot of CSS Color Tooltips in v14

Want to change a color? No problem. Ctrl + Click on the tooltip and UEStudio will open the Windows color picker dialog. Select a new color, click OK, and UEStudio will insert the new color into your file.

Screenshot of CSS Color Tooltips in v14

Improved: Quantum leap in file handling and large file performance

You'll be amazed at v14's blazing fast file handling with smoother scrolling and instantaneous navigation - even from one end of a large file to the other - in files from 100's of MB to 10+ GB in size. Many large file edit operations such as selection, cut, copy, paste, etc., now complete in far less time than that of previous versions. You can also now monitor UEStudio's progress loading and parsing large files in real time with the new parsing percentage indicator in the status bar.

Improved: Greatly expanded Artistic Style support

Never worry about manually reformatting or tidying your source code with the integrated Artistic Style feature. Version 14 includes expanded A-Style functionality with full support for the latest version of A-Style and the ability to include your own configuration files.

Screenshot of Artistic Styler in v14

See the full list of changes in UEStudio v14.00