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Find - List Lines Containing String

The lists lines option can be a handy tool when searching because it presents all occurrences of the find string in a floating dialog box. You can use the dialog to navigate to each instance by double-clicking on one of the result lines. Furthermore, you can copy the text to the clipboard or even bookmark all occurrences in the file.

Enable List Lines Containing String

The List Lines Containing String option is available in the Advanced options of the Find dialog. If you don't see the Advanced options, simply click the Advanced button to expand the Advanced options.

list lines containing string

When you enter your search string, then click "Next", the List Lines Containing string dialog will open - populated with your search results.


To navigate to the occurence shown in the dialog, simply click on the line and the editor will position the cursor at that occurrence. Similarly, you can highlight the line and click "Gotto".

list lines containing string

Bookmark All, Clipboard, and Show Line Numbers

You can bookmark the lines that matched your search criteria by clicking the Bookmark All button.

The Clipboard option will copy all the text in the List Lines dialog into the clipboard.

Finally, enabling "Show line numbers" will display line numbers for each line displayed in the Lines Containing Find String dialog.

list lines containing string

Auto Reset List Lines

The List Lines Containing Strings setting is "sticky", meaning that UltraEdit/UEStudio remembers the setting for future Find operations. If you want the setting to be "non-sticky", you can enable the Auto Reset option in Advanced : Configuration : Search : Auto Reset Settings.

This will cause UltraEdit/UEStudio to reset the option after each Find operation.

list lines containing string