If you’re looking for a powerful, reliable text editor, look no further.

UltraEdit is more than a text editor. While perfection in text editing is our goal, UltraEdit comes standard with an impressive feature set including a powerful search and replace engine, search/replace in files, syntax highlighting, code folding, Unicode support, a configurable spell checker for many languages, FTP/SFTP browser, SSH/Telnet console, workspace organization window, integrated scripting (based on javascript), a powerful macro engine, HTML building tools, column/block mode editing, templates, and so much more.

UltraEdit is the optimal solution for quick editing on the fly, or multiple large resource files at once. And with our world-renowned support staff on hand to quickly answer your support requests, you’re sure to find a fast and easy solution for every task.

Customize: syntax highlighting, custom tools, menus, icons, and more…

The best find and replace functionality in the industry.

Worry-free editing: Secure your code changes and version your backups.

Automate nearly every editing task.

Help is just an email away.

Flexibly edit all kinds of files – Hex, Unicode, edit large files, and more.

Edit HTML, XML, PHP, javascript, and other web files with ease.

Easily organize and access local or FTP files with projects.

Save time by comparing your files to track editing changes.

Format text data based on file extension and proofread your work.

Work in columns instead of rows.

Logically view your source code for almost any programming language.

“UltraEdit is the standard de facto for the text editing. I think it’s value is beyond the price that it costs!”

Bruno S.