General Reference for
UltraEdit Licenses and FAQs

Subscription vs Perpetual

UltraEdit is available as both a UE subscription or UE perpetual license. The main difference is their pricing structure and duration of use. Here are some factors to consider when choosing between a UE subscription or UE perpetual license.

Duration of Use:

Perpetual licensing allows you to use the software indefinitely, while a subscription license grants you access to the software for a specified period of time (usually one year).


Perpetual licensing requires a one-time payment for perpetual use. Subscription licensing, on the other hand, requires smaller payments at annual intervals.

Updates and Maintenance:

Perpetual licensing includes free updates for one year, and you can choose to renew maintenance and support each year (more on maintenance below). Subscription licensing includes all updates for the duration of the subscription, as well as ongoing priority technical support.


Subscription licensing offers more flexibility than perpetual because you can opt out or switch to a different product or service at any time. With perpetual licensing, you’re committed to using the product you’ve purchased and, if maintenance lapses, will no longer have access to new versions and updates.

Costs over time:

In the short-term, subscription licensing may seem more expensive than perpetual because you are paying for access to the products on a continual basis. However, over time, the total cost of ownership for a perpetual license is often higher due to costs associated with maintenance and support.

Comparing Licenses: Matrix



License duration and eligibility Yearly Permanent (with maintenance)
Technical Support Yes Yes
Number of unique installs* Up to five installs Up to three installs
Multi-user licenses Yes Yes
Multi-year plans Yes No
Concurrent licensing (Floating licenses) Available via sales quote Yes
Free UltraCompare** Yes Yes
Admin tools Yes, for All Access No
Available on Windows Yes Yes
Available on Mac Yes Yes
Available on Linux Yes Yes
Qualifies for auto-renewals Yes Yes
*An instance of the application on each device is counted as a unique install. Applies to singular personal license plans only.
**Available for UltraEdit or UEStudio only.

What is maintenance?

All perpetual licensing includes a maintenance plan which allows you to extend your year’s worth of updates for another year.

Why? We understand that many users prefer a permanent license but still want the option to update to a newer version’s new features or functionality. Maintenance offers this, providing some of the flexibility of a subscription.

Renewable maintenance provides the following:

  • Some of the flexibility of subscription licensing
  • All the benefits of perpetual licensing
  • A cost effective option over buying a new license for new versions.

Renewing and opting out of maintenance

You’ll receive free updates for a year after your purchase. After the first year, you can decide if you wish to renew maintenance at a fraction of the new license price. There’s no limit on how many times you can renew maintenance.

Maintenance enrollment is calculated at 25% of the perpetual license price and is automatically included in the displayed price. You can request a quote here to see a breakdown of more details and how renewal pricing is calculated.

Maintenance renewal
You’re automatically enrolled in maintenance with your initial license purchase. As long as you keep current with maintenance, you’ll receive discounted renewal pricing on an annual basis.

You can disable auto-renewal for maintenance after your initial purchase using the instructions in your original order confirmation. Lapsed maintenance customers may still be eligible for a renewal discount. Contact our renewals team to learn more.
For renewal concerns, please reach out to our renewals team.

Subscription vs Maintenance

Maintenance is offered to provide customers with some of the benefits of subscription and all the benefits of perpetual.

Subscription licensing is ideal for enterprise customers who need predictable annual pricing, or for those who need flexibility to go on and off renewal without pricing changes.

On the other hand, perpetual licensing with maintenance is less flexible but less expensive than a subscription license over the long-term. Over a four year timeline, perpetual licensing is around 10% cheaper than subscription, plus you can continue using the latest version you have even if you choose not to renew maintenance.

The drawback, however, is that maintenance must be continually renewed or else it terminates, which means you’d have to purchase a new perpetual license to get updates again. That’s something you’ll likely want to avoid if staying current and up-to-date is important to you.

What are upgrades? Can I upgrade my old license?

Upgrades were previously offered by UltraEdit but have since been discontinued and superseded by renewable maintenance.

We encourage you to contact sales to see your options for obtaining the latest version.

While no longer available for purchase, UltraEdit will always honor unlimited lifetime upgrades for the customers who purchased them.

UltraEdit All Access Subscription

With All Access users get the entire UltraEdit product line. This comes with the latest releases on all applicable platforms for a whole year. All Access is the best value UltraEdit has to offer.



The Swiss Army knife of text editors
Everything text
Large file handling



The power of UE with Git integration, CVS and SVN
IntelliTips & more


Find files anywhere
Search FTP servers
Find duplicates



Diff tool that integrates with UE. Works for .doc, .pdf, .xls, .zip, and .rar files.


Secure FTP client accessible straight from UE and UC. Works for local and remote servers.

All Access is available in both subscription and perpetual license plans.
Learn more about UltraEdit All Access here.

Concurrent Licenses

Concurrent licensing is a licensing model that allows a number of users to share an UltraEdit license simultaneously. In this model, the license is shared among multiple users, rather than being assigned to a specific individual or device.

For example, if a company purchases five concurrent licenses for a particular software, it will allow up to five users to access the software simultaneously. If a sixth user tries to access the software, they will be denied access until one of the other users exits the software.

This licensing model can be cost-effective for organizations with multiple users who only need to access the software occasionally, as it allows for flexible usage without having to purchase individual licenses for each user.

Concurrent licenses do require a special installer and special license file that is provided by the customer support team when requested.


UltraEdit concurrent licenses come with a special installer and special license file that is provided by the customer support team when requested. This helps manage and track the number of users ensuring that the license limitation is not exceeded.


Concurrent licenses are available in our online store with both subscription and perpetual options for 3 times the price of standard (nonconcurrent) licensing.

Multi-user Licenses

Concurrent licenses are different from group/multi-user licenses. Multi-user licenses share a single license key and are limited by number of activations instead of devices.

Multi-user license deals are available via a sales quotation.

Promos, Discounts, and Education Offers

Promotions and Discounts

UltraEdit will occasionally hold price promotions and discounted deals. These discounts have no set dates and will vary from year to year. Its availability may also vary on a per license basis. Subscribe to our newsletter, social media accounts, and check the website regularly to remain updated. Refer to the terms and conditions included in promo communications to avoid confusion.

Education Discount

Education pricing refers to discounts or special pricing offered by UltraEdit to students, educators, and educational institutions to access UE’s suite of products or services. This type of pricing is usually lower than the standard price and is intended for non-commercial use for those in the education sector.

Educational licenses can be availed by users by ticking the appropriate box in the checkout process. This tags their transactions to be considered for education discounts. Using an educational email address is recommended in order to expedite the verification process; if an edu address is not available or cannot be authenticated, further verification may be requested by our sales representatives.

Learn more about academic and education licenses.

Bulk pricing

The multi-user/bulk pricing model works by setting a lower unit price for each product as the quantity purchased increases.

To explore options and discounts for multi-year or volume license agreements please contact us by filling our webform, emailing us directly [email protected], or calling us at +1 513-892-8600.