Technical Support Options

The following resources are available to make your use of IDM software easier.

Many of the answers to user questions can be found in a variety of helpful resources available in the application's Help menu, or on our website. Please make sure to check the following links for help before contacting IDM. While our support team responds to emails very quickly, you may find your answer faster by checking our FAQ, power tips, manual, or forum.

Can I call for technical support?

Because of the nature of tech support, we have found that it is best handled by our trained technical support staff via email. This allows us a clear understanding of your issue and a way for us to elevate and track your issue if required. We have a Formal Tier System and most support requests are responded to within 30 minutes.

May I thank you so much for such professionalism you all are showing. I don't know that many development companies (as big as you) that treat user issues in such a concerned way. I take my hat off to you for that. I never had to worry about your tech support, which is very kind and competent. Keep up the good job, you'll keep your users satisfied! - Yann L.B.

IDM maintains a database of frequently asked questions (FAQ). You can search this database or browse the FAQ to see if your question is listed there.

IDM PowerTips

Are you looking for tips on how to use a certain feature beyond the basics? Our power tips may be exactly what you need. These quick tutorials cover a vast array of features in all of our applications, and can help your streamline and perfect your text editing, as well as introduce you to features you may not have previously known about or used.

 UltraEdit power tips
 UltraEdit for Linux power tips
 UEStudio power tips
 UltraCompare power tips

User-to-user forum

Many "How to" issues have been addressed by power users in our user-to-user forum. Use the forum search function to search for a specific term or phrase.

Note: If you have a problem report, suggestion, or feature request you want specifically addressed by our support staff, please email us. The forums are exclusively user-based and are not checked by the IDM team.

Email us

Still can't find what you need?

IDM Computer Solutions, Inc. also provides technical support to all licensed users via email.

Help us to help you - Please make sure to provide our technical support staff with full details about the issue you are experiencing (your question, what application you are using, the exact version, what operating system, etc.). We respond very quickly to emails - normally you will receive a response (during normal business hours) within half an hour.

Please note: When using the form below, if your question is technical in nature and includes sample source code (e.g., raw HTML, javascript, C/C++ code, etc.), it will be removed from your email for security reasons. Additionally, if you need to email us a file as an attachment, you cannot use the form below. For both of these cases, please email us directly from your email client at, and not with the email form below.