Licensing and activation FAQ

With UltraEdit license activation system, your software does not need a new code with each new version, and updates are automatically detected and installed with your permission. Your new license knows if your upgrade is free or if you have unlimited lifetime upgrades… easy to install, easy to register, and most of all… easy to stay current with the latest UltraEdit patches, updates, and new releases! Below are some frequently asked questions about our licensing.

The software is asking for a License ID and Password, but I have a user name and authorization code.

Newer versions of UltraEdit applications require a License ID and Password. If you have an older license with a user name and authorization code, please email us to request an updated license.

The software is asking for a user name and code, but I have a License ID and Password.

This is because you have an older version installed (e.g. UltraEdit v16 or earlier). Please upgrade to the latest version your license is eligible to run via Help -> Check for Updates or by downloading it here.

When I try to activate, I get Error 5013: No Remaining Activations. Help!

Each single user license comes with 3 activations. A multi-user license provides activation for the total number of users purchased plus one additional activation. If you find that you need more activations, please send us an email with specific information on how many activations you need.

If you need us to reset your activations, please email us with your request.

When I try to activate, I get Error 5008: Invalid Activation Data and/or Error 5005: Invalid parameters. Help!

This error most likely means that the information you are entering into the activation dialog is not correct. For activation, a License ID and Password are required. Anything else, such as a user name and code for a previous version, will not work. If you need a License ID and Password for a newer version which you’ve installed on your system, please email us to request this.

Also, please ensure that the License ID and Password is correct for the software that you purchased (for instance, a UE Mobile license will not activate UltraEdit).

Is the license activation applied on a global or per-user level?

For Windows, your license is applied globally on your system. Any user account on your system will be able to access the activated software. For Mac and Linux, your license is applied only for your user account. Other users on the system will need to activate separately.

How do I reset my activations?

Please email us a request for an activation reset.

How do I move a license to a new system?

In the application you wish to move to a new system, go to Help -> Deactivate to deactivate the license. On the new system, install the latest version for which your license is eligible. Then use your License ID and Password to activate the license on the new system.

If I have a large corporate or enterprise license, can I silently deploy the installation and activation?

We recommend that you take advantage of our enterprise build, which can be deployed, installed, and activated silently. Please email us your License ID and a request for special instructions on silently installing and activating your software in an enterprise/corporate environment.

I have no internet connection; can I still activate?

Yes! If you need an offline activation, please send the following information:

  1. License ID
  2. Two offline User Codes from the “Offline Activation” dialog
  3. Confirmation that your computer does not have an internet connection
  4. Your computer name

Important note: We recommend activating online if possible, as offline activation requires that you reactivate with each new minor and major release.

What if I need to activate offline on multiple systems?

Each system will generate different offline user codes. Please email us these codes from each system to us with your License ID.

How do I deactivate an activated license?

For Windows applications, go to the “Support” (or “?”) menu at the top-right of the application and click “About.” In the About dialog, you will see an “Unregister/Ddeactivate” button. For Mac / Linux applications, go to the “Help” menu and select “Unregister/Deactivate” directly in the menu.

Please contact us for assistance if you no longer have access to the computer on which your software was activated.

What happens if my hard drive crashes and I cannot deactivate my license?

Please email us a request for an activation reset. Since we respond to emails very quickly, and all of our software can be used without activating for period of 30 days, there will be no disruption in your use of our software.

What happens if I activate but then lose internet connectivity?

Absolutely nothing. Your software will remain activated and fully-function as usual.

What if I need to reinstall/reactivate my sofware, but your license server can't be contacted?

All of our software includes a free 30-day fully-functional trial period, and should any problem occur when you attempt to activate your license, our support staff will be more than happy to quickly assist you in activating offline.

What if I am not eligible for a free upgrade but I accidently installed the latest version?

Because it’s a good idea to always stay current with the latest improvements and advancements in software technology, we recommend that you review your upgrade options. However, if you wish to revert back to the latest version for which you are eligible, please email us with your current license information and your request for the previous version.