What is UltraFinder?

UltraFinder is your personal search engine for your PC, network, and remote servers!

UltraFinder is a quick and lightweight Windows search utility. Find any file, word, text string, pattern, and duplicate files anywhere.

UF runs search on hard drives, shared and network volumes, removable drives, and even on remote FTP/SFTP servers!

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UltraFinder for Windows

What can you use UltraFinder for

System Administration
Search Your Computer
Find Duplicate Files
File Compare
Search via FTP
File Compare
Find Files

What’s new in UltraFinder?

Enhance Find Duplicates UI featuring zebra
striping for easier results handling.

What's new in UltraFinder?

Key features


  • Master File Table (MFT) search methods for lightning fast results
  • Search for files by content or by name (partial or full)
  • Search file contents or file names with regular expressions (Perl, Unix, and UltraEdit native)
  • Search network or FTP locations
  • Specify specific folders, entire drives, or even specific files as search targets
  • Filter subdirectories, file names, and file extensions to exclude from the search
  • Search based on whole or partial word match
  • Search for case sensitive matches
  • Negative search (find files that DON’T match)
  • Search for text in PDF files
  • Search for text in Word documents (.doc/.docx)


  • Search folders or entire drives
  • Search duplicates by a variety of criteria:
    Content, Name, Dates and Size.
  • Tweak duplicate searches with a variety of criteria settings (file dates, file sizes, etc.)
  • Ignore special case files like 0-byte, system/hidden files, Recycle Bin files, etc.
  • Set include/exclude filters for files and folders
  • Powerful searches using regular expressions (Perl, Unix, or native)
  • Resolve found duplicates (rename, delete, move, open)