User-submitted wordfiles for UltraEdit/UEStudio

What is a wordfile? A wordfile is a plain text configuration file that UltraEdit/UEStudio uses to highlight keywords in source code files. Besides highlighting, a wordfile also provides other features like code folding, brace matching, function listing, and more. UltraEdit includes several pre-configured wordfiles for most popular programming languages so you don’t need to add or configure wordfiles for most source code that you create or modify. However, for other languages not highlighted by our defaults, we have provided this repository of user-submitted wordfiles where you can usually get the one you need.

How do I add a wordfile?

  • Version 24.00 and later: Use the “Add and remove languages” feature by clicking “Add another language” in the Coding tab (or in Advanced » Settings » Editor Display » Syntax Highlighting)
  • Version 15.00 and later: To add one of these wordfiles, all you need to do is download and save it into your “wordfile” directory which by default is %APPDATA%\IDMComp\UltraEdit\wordfiles, unless you have specified a different directory. Further help and documentation is available in this power tip.
  • Version 14.20 and previous: To add one of these wordfiles, please see this power tip for instructions.

How do I make the wordfile highlight my source files? Automatic code highlighting in your source files is based upon file extension. Please see this power tip on how to add and remove file extensions for default syntax highlighting.

I’m still having problems with the wordfile I added. Please review these wordfile troubleshooting tips.

Can I submit a wordfile for others to download here? Absolutely! Check out our wordfiles repository on GitHub, add your wordfile, and submit a pull request. Or, email us at [email protected] and attach your wordfile. We will post it here for others to download.

How can I make sure my custom wordfile is correctly formatted? One of our forum power users, Mofi, has written several macros to help users sort and test the validity and format of wordfiles. This is a very valuable resource and can make writing your own wordfile much easier if you wish to create a wordfile that has not yet been written.

Download wordfiles below

Wordfiles below are listed in alphabetical order. Use your browser’s search feature (normally CTRL + F) to search for the language you need on the page.