Building the IDM community....

Last month we introduced phase one of our all-new community based website which was to republish using the CMS [MODx] which runs on PHP5. As you may have noticed, the site is blazing fast and each page has its own context driven content. This allows us to provide you the most relevant content per page.

We we have continued the development effort to bring you the next phase of which is meant to make the site community based.

What we mean by "community-based website"...

A new user-to-user forum - including new features that allow sharing of ideas, techniques, and discipline expertise plus improved search features.
A collection of new RSS feeds including our very popular PowerTips.
A robust FAQ index - with new & updated FAQ's.
Power Tips and an AJAX-powered power tip search tool for all product categories.
An improved site search tool to help find info faster.
New extras for download: scripts, wordfiles, macros, etc.
A new IDM-to-user blog that features product, technology, user interest, and news discussions.
Coming soon: Localized product pages for our international community.
Priority support for the Corporate and Enterprise.
Additional support resources, and more...

Please tell us what more you need...

At IDM we are dedicated to bringing you the needed resources to insulate your usage of our products. We are honored to serve a user community better than 2m strong. I invite you to tell me what we can do further to enhance so that we may exceed your expectations.


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