What can UltraEdit do for a database manager?

Handle text and binary file formats with ease!

UltraEdit can help with the following files formats…

  • HTML, XML and other structured documents from the WWW
  • Structured and unstructured reports of any size or dimension
  • ASCII or EBCDIC text files
  • Spooled print files
  • Fixed length, comma-delimited, tab-delimited sequential files
  • CR output
  • Files with tagged data fields
  • Complex multi-line files
  • Downloaded text files
  • Online text databases
  • CD-ROM text bases
  • Unix, Macintosh, Mainframe and PC end-of-line formats


“After having been introduced to UltraEdit by another developer, I have found that it has become an indispensable tool in my every day work. Primarily, I use UltraEdit to write Transact SQL queries and to review large data files. I have not come across any other utility that has been able to handle the processing of large files. The fact that UltraEdit is such a powerful programmers editor is a bonus for me.”

Ian W.

UltraEdit features for database managers…

  • Disk based text editing
    • Supports files in excess of 4GB
    • Minimum RAM used even for multi-megabyte files
    • Configuration options for temp files and large file handling
  • Insert string at every increment
    • Ideal for formatting database records
  • Column/block editing
    • Allows insertion/removal of columns of data
    • Insert/fill columns
    • Insert line numbers
    • Sum columns/selection
    • Convert to fixed column
    • Convert to character delimited
  • User configurable Syntax highlighting
  • Includes UltraCompare Lite at no additional cost – a free diff tool!
    • Text compare
    • Support for line-by-line comparison of individual files
    • Status bar shows number of lines/blocks different
    • Difference summary includes:
    • data in source but not in destination file or vice versa
    • data difference between files on the same line
  • Fast Binary Compare

Extensive manipulation functions

  • DOS, UNIX, and Macintosh file formats supported (conversions available)
  • ASCII/OEM and ANSI formats
  • ASCII and mainframe EBCDIC formats
  • Unicode and ANSI formats

Fix text or binary files of any size – even files larger than 4 gigabytes!