End of Life policy

UltraEdit, Inc. reserves the right to discontinue software products1 or specific software versions for a variety of reasons, including products/versions that become obsolete or are replaced by new products/software versions. Additionally, UltraEdit reserves the right to discontinue support for obsolete operating systems and/or specific platform support (such as Windows/Mac/Linux) for its products. Legacy support of UltraEdit products are generally available for up to 60 months after that version has been superseded by newer versions. Versions that age out of our 60 month support window are considered to have reached their End-of-Life and as such, support is terminated. The following End of Life Policy sets forth the terms, conditions, and timeframes related to the Software2 for which changes will occur following an End of Life Announcement. The End of Life timeline is set forth below.

General Availability

UltraEdit will make a product generally available to its end users. The date that the Software becomes generally available to the public is the General Availability date. After the General Availability of the Software, UltraEdit will provide Software Support3 in accordance with the UltraEdit Software Support and Maintenance Terms and Conditions. As such, it will support the current Version4 of the Software and the previous versions within the preceding 60 months. UltraEdit reserves the right to make bug fixes, patches, and service releases only for the current version of any Software Title it publishes. The end user may need to upgrade to the newest version before applying a bug fix, patch, or service release.

End of Life Announcement

UltraEdit will publicly communicate the discontinuance of the UltraEdit Software Product in an End of Life announcement on its website. An End of Life announcement marks the beginning of the End of Life life cycle for a particular Software Title. The End of Life Announcement will precede the End of Engineering date by at least 90 days.

End of Engineering

End of Engineering means the date UltraEdit will cease engineering related to the Software Product and will cease providing engineering support related to the applicable Release. UltraEdit reserves the right to cease engineering support for any Release of the Software made Generally Available after two subsequent Releases. Prior to the End of Engineering date, UltraEdit will actively support the Software Release with service releases, bug fixes, workarounds, or patches for critical bugs reported through Software Support. When a Release reaches the End of Engineering date, it will, however, no longer be actively supported by engineering. Technical Support5 will be available until the End of Life Date, which is one year after the End of Engineering Date, as long as the customer is under paid maintenance; Technical Support can provide access to previously released hot fixes, service releases, etc. Technical Support will not include nor will it create any new bug fixes or feature additions or requests for any product that is past the End of Engineering date.

End of Life

End of Life means the date when all Software Support shall cease for a discontinued Release of the Software. Generally, it will be one full year between the End of Engineering date to the End of Life date but may be less.

  1. This End of Life Policy does not apply to third party products. If UltraEdit discontinues the provision of a third party product, it will use commercially reasonable efforts to (i) provide its customers with reasonable advance notice of such discontinuance and (ii) replace the discontinued third party product with another product containing substantially similar functionally.
  2.  Software means the object code versions of the product, together with updates, releases, modifications, and enhancements, owned and provided by UltraEdit to its end users pursuant to the End User License Agreement.
  3. Software Support means the standard maintenance and support to be provided by UltraEdit or its designated agents as set forth in the UltraEdit End User License Agreement and/or applicable Software Support and Maintenance Terms and Conditions if applicable.
  4.  Release means all generally available releases of the Software that (i) contain new features, functionality, extensions, or fixes for bugs, or (ii) are designated by means of a change in the digit to either the left of the first decimal point (e.g., Software 16.0 » Software 17.0), to the right of the decimal point (e.g., Software 16.0 » Software 16.1), or to the right of the second decimal point (e.g., Software 16.0.1 » Software 16.0.2).
  5. Technical Support means technical assistance provided to UltraEdit customers under active maintenance and support. This includes general guidance about UltraEdit products and any workarounds, bug fixes, etc. that have been designed prior to the End of Engineering.
28 April 2017: In accordance with UltraEdit published End-of-Life Policy, UltraSentry v15.0 is the final version for this title and is scheduled for end of life. UltraEdit will cease all engineering related activities for UltraSentry in the following 90 days (End of Engineering date: 31 July, 2017). The End of Life date for UltraSentry will be effective 1 August 2017.