A phenomenal Markdown Editor

Markdown is everywhere! There are a lot of good Markdown editors out there, but many of them are designed exclusively for Markdown editing. You need a code editor that can handle Markdown as well as JavaScript, PHP, CSS, HTML, JSON, XML, etc… UltraEdit gives you all the Markdown integration you could ever ask for, plus the flexibility and power a developer like you needs for larger scale projects.

But that’s not all…

UltraEdit includes hundreds of other features for source code and text editing that can make your coding life easier. Download a full feature 30 day free trial today and discover why over 4 million users – from the independent developer, to Fortune 100/500 enterprises – use UltraEdit for their most important daily work.


The world’s
best editor

Native 64-bit, huge file handling, CNET ★★★★★ ranking, the list goes on.


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Win/Mac/Linux Versions for both

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You get the Windows, Mac, and Linux versions of UltraEdit and UltraCompare.

5 for 1 licensing

3 for 1

Your personal license is good for up to 3 machines on any combination of platforms.

All for just $99.95

What makes UltraEdit a great Markdown editor?

Markdown code highlighting

UltraEdit’s Markdown code highlighting is specially designed to support Markdown’s unique syntax. But it doesn’t stop there…UltraEdit also includes highlighting support for 400+ other popular languages like PHP, Python, JavaScript, and more.

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Markdown live preview

Click “Live preview” in the Coding tab to see your rendered Markdown. The browser view will update with your changes as you make them, even if you don’t save! You can also double-click an element in the preview to jump to its location in source.

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Github Flavored Markdown compatibility

UltraEdit supports the Github Flavor of Markdown (GFM) including tables, expanded links, and more. Preview README and other Markdown files from Github repos in UltraEdit and see them in exactly the same way that you’d see them on Github.

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HTML preview

Working directly with HTML? We’ve got you covered there too. Preview your HTML as you’re working on it, with unsaved changes updating in real time as you make them. Or send the file to your web browser for a preview there.

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Integrated FTP/SFTP client

Pull down your web files directly in the editor, then save them back via Ctrl + S with the integrated FTP client. Use the FTP browser for batch operations!

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Integrated SSH

Like the command line? UltraEdit includes an integrated SSH / telnet window so you can frolic about on your server without ever leaving your editor.

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