Making web development easier and faster.

HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, and more.

With UltraEdit’s ability to edit HTML files, you can easily create professional web sites and internet applications. Not only are you able to actively develop via a multitude of web development programming languages such as PHP, HTML, ASP, JavaScript, Perl and others; but you can also reuse, navigate between your code types and formats – you can even toggle between text and HTML page views.

CSS HTML Validator Std v19 is FREE with every All Access Subscription.

Key Features:

    • User configurable syntax highlighting
      • Pre-configured for C/C++, Visual Basic, C#, VBScript, ASP
      • HTML, Java, Perl, XML, PHP, JavaScript, and CSS
      • Nearly 500 wordfiles for different languages available
      • Support for up to 20 languages in one wordfile
    • HTML Toolbar preconfigured for popular HTML editing functions

    The dockable tag list allows you to define a set of “tags” that can automatically be inserted into a file. Designed in part for HTML, this allows text to be selected for automatic insertion of tags around the selected text. UltraEdit comes out of the box preconfigured with over 250 tags for HTML, 100 HTML special character tags, and 50 tags for Cold Fusion.

    • FTP features:
      • FTP client built in
      • Multiple account settings
      • Automatic save back to server without logon requirement
      • Includes support for SFTP (SSH2)
      • FTP open
      • FTP save as
      • Allows multiple selection of files
      • Supports filenames with spaces
      • Setting for ASCII / binary / passive transfers
      • SFTP allows public/private key encryption
      • SFTP supports PuTTY key format
      • Specific support for AIX / AS400 / BS2000 / MVS / OS9000 / Stratus VOS / UNIX / VAX/VMS Servers


    “UltraEdit is the greatest program I have ever used. I have been developing websites for years and not even WYSIWYG editors compare to this finely tuned application, and it is cheap. I am an UltraEdit user for the rest of my life, I would never even think of using anything else.”

    Stephen G.

    • Open multiple files as a single project/workspace
    • Project-specific user tools (as well as standard set)
    • User configurable toolbars – save multiple configurations
    • Option to show current file in the default WWW browser
    • Open multiple files as a single project/workspace
    • Powerful find in files/replace in files support
      • Options for all open files or project files
      • Option for Unicode searches
      • Multiple search paths allowed with find/replace in files
      • Replace in files lists changed files and number of occurrences
      • With empty string Find in Files creates listing of all files matching directory/name specification
    • CSE HTML Validator support (integrated)
      • Run validation
      • Set up validator options and configuration
      • Job type support
      • Requires CSE HTML Validator license

    Built-in HTML Tidy

    With no program modification required, UltraEdit’s built-in HTML Tidy feature spiders through code as statements and variables are executed so you can easily discover syntax and logic errors.

    The results are displayed in a scrollable output window that allows you to easily navigate to the offending lines of code.

    • Includes UltraCompare Lite at no additional cost – a free diff tool!
      • Text compare
      • Support for line-by-line comparison of individual files
      • Status bar shows number of lines/blocks different
      • Difference summary includes:
      • data in source but not in destination file or vice versa
      • data difference between files on the same line
    • Fast Binary Compare