UltraEdit is the ideal EDI file text editor!

Modify, convert, and save electronic data interchange files with UltraEdit

UltraEdit is the ideal tool for opening and modifying EDI files which are common in the medical records industry. If you are looking for a way to format or reformat EDI files, look no further! For years, UltraEdit has been used by professionals and administrators for maintaining plain-text patient records in formats like EDI. With its powerful Find/Replace, column editing, data reformatting, macros/scripts, and hundreds of other features – there is no better editor for EDI files than UltraEdit!

What else can UltraEdit do for a medical or pharmaceutical researcher?

UltraEdit is renowned for its highly configurable features and robust customization capabilities. From key mapping, menus, toolbars, cursor type colors, macros and much more; you can fully customize UltraEdit to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Use UltraEdit to develop and update websites, extract data from databases, reformat and standardize electronic text and program source code, data mine unstructured text reports, and thousands of other uses!

UltraEdit is well-rounded with over 12 years of publication. With over two million registered users, it’s highly seasoned and widely considered the de facto industry standard of text and programmers editors.

  • Multiple document interface
    • Allows for editing many documents at once
  • Open file tabs for quick navigation/sorting of open files
  • Drag-and-drop editing
  • Word wrap – hard or soft wrap, automatic or based on file-extension
  • Automatic word wrap at specified column with hard return
  • Auto-indentation
  • Column mode justify (left, right, center)
    • Justifies text only in specified columns
  • Cut, copy and paste support
  • Copy – append and cut – append
    • Allows user to copy/cut selection and append it to the clipboard
  • Select all, select line, select word, delete, delete line
  • Windows clipboard plus 9 custom clipboards supported to allow multiple items to be copied to different clipboards for later use
  • Powerful find and replace support
    • Allows for editing many documents at once
    • Support for ASCII/Unicode Replace
    • List lines containing string and much more
    • Exact search (including multi-line and binary character search)
    • Pattern or wildcard search
    • Replace text can even preserve the case of the original
  • User configurable toolbars – save multiple configurations
  • Reusable text templates – quickly insert blocks of text when specific formats/text are repeatedly used across different projects
  • Includes UltraCompare Lite at no additional cost – a free diff tool!
    • Text compare
    • Support for line-by-line comparison of individual files
    • Status bar shows number of lines/blocks different
    • Difference summary includes:
    • data in source but not in destination file or vice versa
    • data difference between files on the same line
    • Fast Binary Compare


“I’m just taking a breather here at work, and thinking how wonderful UltraEdit is. Right now, I’ve got 9 files open, none of which are on this pc. All, are at three different network locations. How nice it is, to be able to compare similar files, each on different drives, at the same time. Your application, makes my job a bit easier. Thanks for a great product, at a very reasonable price.”

Mark B.

“UltraEdit is great for unwrapping streamed EDI data, converting EBCDIC and working file fixed length wrapped data such as VDA. For working with non-printable characters, it is excellent. I’ve been working with EDI for 15 years, and haven’t found a better text editing tool, and I only use a wee bit of this tool.”

Edward P.