UltraEdit: A powerful XML editor

Key XML Editing Features

Syntax highlighting

In addition to XML, UltraEdit boasts a Wordfile repository covering syntax highlighting for hundreds of languages.

XML Manager

XML can be messy. Get a better read on your XML with our XML Manager. See the PowerTip

One-click cleanup

Ugly XML? We’ve got a function designed specifically for you. From the menu: Format -> XML Convert to CR/LFs

Intelligent autocompletion and formatting

Author your XML files more quickly than ever before with UltraEdit’s XML tag auto-completion. It’ll intelligently create and indent your closing tags, allowing you to quickly type content.


Validation, HTML output and more. UltraEdit’s XMLlint tool has many options for linting your XML. From the menu: Format -> XMLlint Tool

Edit large files.

Got big files? UltraEdit is known the world over for its abilty to help you with files at sizes other text editors just can’t handle.