IDM President Ian Mead discusses the development doctrine for UltraEdit

UltraEdit Development Doctrine

The outcome of any development effort is a direct consequence of the way it is approached. Can you imagine any product becoming a market leader without research, vision, planning, design, architecture, specifications, and the like? We can't.

As is the nature of development/technology, planning and strategy are only part of the equation. There are also time-bound factors at play; such as: software and computing trends/advancements, hardware innovations, and the ever changing dynamic of operating system compatibility.

There is yet another factor that plays a critical role in development; you, the customer. What are your needs and how can we respond to your needs within a responsible time frame while ensuring quality and performance standards are maintained?

As if that isn't difficult enough, there is more... Of particular complexity is the challenge of introducing new development that addresses the emerging trends, innovations, needs, etc while balancing the ongoing maintenance of existing features.

Because we are programmers that build programming software, we understand these factors and have created a development doctrine from better than 16 years of doing one thing... text editing.

The tenets of our development doctrine can be explained best using the v15.xx series as an example.

v15.00 introduced IDM's next generation of UltraEdit. It is here, in the whole number release, that we addressed large-scale new features. In the case of v15.00, it was the framework. We not only re-tooled UltraEdit to accommodate Microsoft's most contemporary foundation class (MFC), we introduced hidden child windows and exploited the new framework with our own custom functions - as a case-in-point, the tab controls. There were many months behind this effort and a multitude of other features that needed framework integration attention.

This effort positioned UltraEdit for our "Polish in the points" philosophy.

In v15.10, we extended the power of the new framework, cleaned up outstanding maintenance issues, and introduced a highly requested new feature.. the XML manager.

v15.20 followed suit. We have polished the new framework further and increased performance and file handling dramatically. v15.20 also marks a roll up of a material maintenance effort; introduces a significant expansion of UltraEdit's UNDO capabilities; and offers other minor user-requested enhancements - such as the "ignore" tabs in strings and comments. Finally, v15.20 includes significant enhancements specifically dedicated to improving Windows 7 support.

As you can see, the v15.xx series follows a specific doctrine that is built around accommodating the spectrum of forces in application development. We listen to our users, do our homework, plan, design, build, test, test, and test... All while accommodating your requests for new features; the improvement of legacy features; and the ever changing technologies that are integral to your daily computing.

The end state -- UltraEdit v15.20! No matter what your discipline (web development, IT, sys admin, data mining, tech writer, programmer, etc..), v15.20 offers you a material advancement in performance, computing productivity and user experience.

I invite you to try v15.20 - the latest installment in our pursuit for text editing perfection.

-Ian and team

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