Use UltraEdit to keep to-do lists

If you're a right-brained person like me, you just can't mentally keep track of everything you need to get done. And – again, if you're like me – you probably don't keep handwritten to-do lists because you misplace your list almost as soon as you complete it.

Well, right-brained or not, you can use UltraEdit for your to-do lists...that way it's impossible to lose them!

The best way to set up to-do lists in UltraEdit is through the powerful syntax highlighting engine. Create a plain text file consisting of the following single line:

/L16"to-do list" Line Comment = - String Chars = ! DisableMLS Block Comment On Alt = == File Extensions = list todo

Save the file as "todo.uew" into your wordfiles directory (which you can find in Advanced -> Configuration -> Editor Display -> Syntax Highlighting), and voilĂ ! You are ready to create and maintain to-do lists!

I usually create my list in the following format:

- todo item
- another todo item
- third todo item

...then save the file as "tasks.todo". The "todo" file extension will cause the to-do syntax highlighting to kick in. Once a task is complete, I change the leading dash (-) to an exclamation point (!), which allows me to see what tasks have been completed and what tasks still need to be done. With default coloring, your to-do list will likely look similar to the following:

Screenshot of to-do list in UltraEdit

I recommend changing the colors for your to-do list in syntax highlighting configuration (referenced above) so that there is more contrast between completed and uncompleted items. For instance, I use a dark color theme in UltraEdit, so here is what my to-do lists look like (normal text color set to neon green):

Screenshot of to-do list in UltraEdit

I know some of you already use UltraEdit for your to-do lists; please share in the comments what else you can do. Folding, function listing, etc... any further to-do list functionality beyond what I've described here?

Got a tip or trick you want to share? Let us know!

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