UCx (Linux) nears beta... Beta testers needed!

Hello and Happy New Year! As I said in an earlier post, the future of UltraEdit Multi-Platform (UltraEdit X) is sensational as is the future UltraCompare Multi-Platform (UltraCompare X) as together they extend IDM's one-of-a-kind text editing solution across all computing environments.

It gives us great pleasure to announce that UCx (Linux) is expected to go to beta in January 2011. As you can see by the screen captures below, the Linux version of UC sports a tabbed interface, dockable child windows, full text/folder compare/merge functionality and much more.

UCx thumbnail UCx thumbnail

(Click to enlarge)

For anyone that would like to participate in the UCx (Linux) beta program, please email us at support@ultraedit.com and we will add you to the UCx beta team. Your help is greatly appreciated and a very important part of our user-driven development model.

Sincere thanks,


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