UltraEdit text editor for Mac released

Hello Everyone,

We are pleased to announce that after much development, alpha/beta testing, refinement, and polish...UltraEdit for Mac was officially released to the public on Dec 16, 2010! You can download ULtraEdit for Mac here.

Box shot of UE MacWe want to thank the IDM engineers who devoted countless hours towards bringing our industry-leading text editor for Windows over to Mac. It would not have been possible without our Linux/Mac developers, and we are extremely grateful for the progress and effort they made.

Also, with nearly 4,500 (!) beta testers, there was no shortage of excellent feedback from our user community which helped to further shape and refine UltraEdit for Mac. A special thanks to them, especially the ones who far exceeded our expectations (you can read about those beta testers here).

The UltraEdit for Mac release is a strong beginning point, and we have some very exciting plans for the future. Our development team is currently working on the next implementation of features and enhancements, with an aggressive update schedule planned for the beginning of 2011.

Finally, UltraEdit for Mac represents our commitment to you, the user community. You asked for your favorite Windows editor on Linux and Mac, and we delivered. Continue to give us your feedback and tell us what you would like to see in your editor - on your OS platform of choice!


The IDM Team

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