September's UltraEdit for Linux development update

For those using UEx on Linux, we are excited to announce the latest update v1.2.0.12.

Click to see latest changes to UExWe have taken the past several months and advanced the Linux version of UltraEdit substantially. The complete list of enhancements and new features can be found here.

As exciting as this list is, we also plan a v2.0 this Fall which is planned to showcase a native FTP client and spell checker as lead features. The features and functionality between the Windows and Linux versions of UltraEdit are quickly coming into sychronization, and we are very excited about our plans for the 2.x series.

There is also some exciting progress to report on the Linux version of UltraCompare Professional. We are in testing of text and binary modes now and expect commercial release of UCx in Q1/2011.

Our Linux user community is important to us, and we are committed to providing our users a complete text editing solution... regardless of favored platform.

Look for UEx v2.0 this Fall!

- Rich

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