UltraEdit v16.00 - What to Expect?

UltraEdit Development Doctrine

My intent in this announcement is to talk about our development strategy for the v16.xx series, as a whole, and to provide some insight into what's coming in v16.00 (expected Mar 2010).

To those who participated in our user community survey last year I want to thank you again for your time and for sharing your perspective. The survey affirmed to us that the perfection of existing features is as important as accommodating new technology.

To this end, the v16.xx series will feature some exciting feature improvements and upgrades, but v16.xx will also be underpinned by a year-long maintenance and performance cycle that will rejuvenate many aspects of the application - with an especially concentrated effort of seeking performance gains under the hood.

In short, the strategy for the v16.xx series is all about adding more depth to existing features as well as polishing those that you use most.

We have already made significant progress in both departments.

As for adding depth to the features you use most...

Regarding extending, v16.00 will feature the following functionality improvements:

  • UTF-8 Improvements
    • Add codepage selection to Find/Replace In Files dialog
    • Add UTF-8 as New File Creation setting
  • Hide/Show all lines containing
  • Delete all hidden lines
  • Insert File to convert to specified file type
  • Add/Remove block comments
  • Auto/Quick Column Mode
  • Find In Selection - Maintains selection + highlight target
  • Scripting code page support
  • Ability to include one script in another
  • Auto brace matching to match both braces
  • Line modification indicator
  • Improved function list
  • Add visual clue that file is read only
  • Highlight 'search' string in output window
  • Additional XML capability
    • Allow text editing from XML Manager
    • Support moving objects/sub-objects via drag and drop
  • And more...

Polish - Focus on perfection

No, this is not ongoing maintenance. This is a strategic plan, with allocated resources to perfect the core features of the world's best text editor. The v16.xx series will reflect specific refinements in the areas listed below and many more that you have requested.

  • Find/Find in Files
  • Regular Expression Support
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Column Mode
  • Folding
  • Scripts/Macros
  • Sort
  • Scrolling
  • File Tabs
  • Undo/Redo
  • Word Wrap
  • XML Manager

And this is just the beginning... We have the balance of the year ahead of us to work together to perfect the features you use most, address your feedback, enrich your user-experience, and seek to understand how we can further exceed your expectations.

As exciting as v16.00 will be, users can be equally excited about v16.10, v16.20, and beyond as each point release this year will bring major polish strokes to the features you use the most.

Thank you for trusting IDM as you solution provider. We are excited about the v16.xx series and taking UltraEdit to the next level of excellence.

- Ian and Team

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