Development Update: UltraEdit for Mac now loads on Mac!

We promised you an update again this month and we have some good progress to report.

UltraEdit for Mac, and all its dependencies, now build cleanly on Snow Leopard in Xcode v3.2 - yes, the new OS, a brand-new Xcode package, and, a new SDK all at the same time.

Currently the initial builds are targeted specifically for Snow Leopard, Tiger, and Leopard.

As was stated in last month's post, there were more challenges than we had anticipated - we encountered many issues with Snow Leopard's handling of 64 vs 32 bit architectures. SpiderMonkey, nspr, and boost gave us the most problems.

Next we plan to work through some framework/GUI issues and report that progress back to you just as soon as possible. Hopefully at that time we can share some screen shots with you.

Obviously we have made good progress but we still have some big steps ahead of us to clear before real testing can begin.

We will provide more news when we have it. Thank for your support and unyielding encouragement.


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