A look ahead at UltraEdit for Mac v2.2

UltraEdit v2.2 is in the works!

We are very happy to see such acceptance of our UltraEdit for Mac offering and development continues.

The v2.1 release in early March marked major performance increases under the hood as well as a few features targeting conversion of line terminators and the like. The v2.1 release positioned our Mac team to turn to v2.2 development which is expected in May/June.

We do not often advertise features that are under development because we do not want to create a false expectation of something that does not make the planned release due to inadequate beta testing or unforeseen delays.

With this is mind, we do want to share some of the proposed features for v2.2 starting with more GUI work to facilitate a greater native user experience and a higher degree of configuration as our Windows community enjoys. Anticipated new functionality includes:

  • Split window
  • Duplicate window
  • Expanded file tab choices
  • And other advances

Other functionality under way:

  • Support for unlimited wordfiles
  • Incremental search
  • Ctags

Our Mac group is working daily on bringing UltraEdit for Mac to the point of exceeding our current Windows capabilities. Beyond v2.2 is a planned v2.3 for August and that release tempo will continue about every 2-3 months until the Mac version reaches parity with UE Windows and even beyond! It’s also exciting to announce that UltraCompare for Mac is expected this year as well!

Thank you for trusting IDM as you solution provider.



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