UltraEdit vs. UEStudio

UltraEdit and UEStudio both include powerful features such as syntax highlighting, code folding, integrated scripting and macro support, and more. However, there are some key differences between UltraEdit and UEStudio such as version control, language intelligence, and integrated development tools. The chart below outlines these and other differences.

"I'm very excited about what you've done here (UEStudio) - my (SQL) development cycle has been cut in half." David G.

Note: This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of the differences between UltraEdit and UEStudio.

UEStudio, all the features of UltraEdit plus the power of an IDE.

UEStudio web development tools

Feature UE UES Benefit
Integrated PHP Debugger Integrated PHP Debugger (using XDebug) allows you to run your PHP scripts on a local webserver and debug them through UEStudio
PHP IntelliTips IntelliTips for PHP-specific language elements
PHP scripting support Integrated PHP functions allow you to parse and run your PHP scripts as well as syntax check your PHP code
Python scripting support Run Python scripts or check syntax with Pylint
Ruby scripting support Execute and check your Ruby code, or launch Ruby with specified command line options and run it on the active script

UEStudio file handling tools

Feature UE UES Benefit
Project Manager View project list, set backup, specify project locations, create batch builder list, track time spent on projects
Solutions Menu Manage the way sets of related projects are configured, built, and deployed
Git integration Easily see branch info, file statuses, issue arbitrary Git commands, etc.
Subversion integration Add Subversion accounts to checkout and commit to Subversion repositories
CVS integration Checkout CVS modules, commit, diff, etc. Any items added to your project under CVS control are automatically detected

UEStudio file editing tools

Feature UE UES Benefit
Tabbed Output Window Execute multiple functions and store the dynamically generated output of these functions separately for future reference (during the active editing session)
Intellitips The power of language intelligence integrated with an intelligent auto complete tooltip for code elements of the current file. IntelliTips also provides a dialog-based popup that displays class/struct data members and functions. Some of this functionality is automatically triggered during the coding process while other items may be invoked from the IntelliTips toolbar

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UEStudio integrated development tools

Feature UE UES Benefit
Workspace Manager Powerful tabbed interface that gives the user multiple methods of interacting with projects, solutions, files, resources, tags and much more
Build Project Save the active document if needed and compile and link all project files
Resource Editor Add, Remove, Browse resources as desired. Edit dialogs, string tables, menus and more. You can even configure UEStudio to edit bitmaps and icons via user-installed graphic editors
Project Converter Convert projects from Visual Studio format to a format supported by UEStudio
Classviewer Displays a parsed representation of the active project within the Workspace Manager. Quickly jump to definitions shown in this view
Compiler Support With support for over 65 different compilers, UEStudio is equipped to natively support project configurations for many popular programming compilers and assemblers, including Microsoft Visual C++, Java, GNU C/C++, and much more. This powerful capability provides users truly advanced IDE operations from within UEStudio
Debug Select a debugger and run it on the active file
Integrated Debugger (requires WinDBG installation) Launch your application, then start, end or restart a dbugging session. Also execute your code one statement at a time, one line at a time, or through the remaining lines. Add or remove breakpoints
Batch Builder Create lists of projects that are in one workspace and build them in one step

I downloaded and installed the new UEStudio less than an hour ago, and the new features are already greatly appreciated. The two most welcome new features are the as-you-type spell checker and the browser preview. These two alone will save me countless hours in the long run. UEStudio just keeps getting better and better. I find I am using my other development tools less and less, while UEStudio gains more and more of my productivity time. Registering was absolutely one of the wisest software investments I have made. Considering the price, I think it's an absolute bargain. Matt M.

No matter your text editing needs, UEStudio's stunning array of innovative features offer the functionality of a bonafide IDE and will transform the way you work.

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