Maintenance or subscription: Which is better for you?

There are two ways for customers to gain long-term cost efficiencies in volume licensing: maintenance and subscription. Our multi-year subscription plan is recommended for volume licenses.


Historically, maintenance was a service that customers could purchase which included an enrollment fee due at purchase, and then a required annual fee. By enrolling their license in a maintenance plan, customers could lower their long-term costs of staying up-to-date and current. UltraEdit still offers maintenance plans for its volume licenses as some companies make purchases driven by budgets that exclude subscription plans or tax considerations.

Maintenance enrollment is calculated at 25% of the new cost of an eligible license. The enrollment fee is added to the purchase price and then the user is charged a discounted upgrade on an annual basis. Your UltraEdit quote will display these fees and explain how they are calculated. Request a quote here.

Subscription: most popular / best value

Our most popular selling licensing model is subscription. It offers customers the best value with significantly lower upfront costs, offers the same lifecycle savings over time as maintenance, but comes with more benefits such as priority support, free UltraCompare Professional, and other efficiencies that are baked into the license technology by default.

This contemporary licensing model is highly automated, integrated into most corporate IT operations, and offers a greater ease in staying current with latest changes, releases, and security improvements. Request a quote here.

UltraEdit has created product subscriptions for UltraEdit, UEStudio, and UltraCompare Professional. These products are available on Windows/Mac/Linux platforms. UltraEdit has also created a multi-product suite named UltraEdit All Access, which is also available in annual or multi-year subscription terms. These products have been requested by our customers and enjoy the distinction of greatest value and most popular. Request a quote here.

The graphic below differentiates an UltraEdit maintenance plan from an UltraEdit subscription licensing model from a high-level:

Perpetual license
with maintenance
Subscription license
Up-to-date software icon icon
Support for offline activation icon icon
Scalable licensing icon icon
Technical support icon icon
Priority support icon
Multi-year discounts icon
Significantly lower up-front costs icon
Includes UltraCompare Professional free icon
Predictable budgeting icon
Operational efficiencies icon
Pay-as-you-go options icon
Administrative tools icon
UltraEdit subscription plans are flexible, cost effective, and follow the industry’s standard subscription license model. Even more powerful, an UltraEdit subscription costs you less than traditional maintenance. Less upfront, and less over time!

As a trusted and Veracode secure certified publisher, UltraEdit understands the complexities of corporate licensing and is proud to offer both maintenance and subscription plans for our enterprise users.