New IDM licensing in action - update

Hello Everyone,

As we discussed earlier in January and February, we have acted upon your feedback to update our licensing and distribution platform to be on par with the industry standard.

Under the old system, a new license key would have have to be manually entered each time a new version was released. Then, when an update or point releases were made available, the user had to manually check for them - then submit a free upgrade request from our site, and then wait on our reply... and so on....!

Welcome to the future. Under our new license platform, IDM products make this process substantially easer, with substantially less user interaction required:

   1. Your license will periodically automatically check for and notify you of updates...

   2. Your license knows whether or not the update is free for you...

   3. Updates will be downloaded and installed only with your permission...

   4. You don't need to request a new code or enter new registration for a free upgrade, even if it's a new version...

   5. If you have unlimited upgrades, you'll never need to enter your license again...

   6. Upon uninstall, your license is automatically deactivated so you can reuse/move your license key onto your new machine!

Easy to install, easy to register, and most of all... Easy to stay current with the latest IDM updates, upgrade, and new releases!

The new licensing platform allows near real-time distribution our latest advancements in performance and functionality and at the same time, offers flexibility too! Want to move your license to another machine? No problem, just deactivate from the Help menu and reinstall on another machine... The product will reactivate using your original license.

Would you like to use your single user license on an extra PC or laptop? No problem, your license comes with additional activations... Compliments of IDM.

In fact not much has changed at IDM regards to our user-based philosophy. We still price our products so that anyone in need of a powerful file management solution can afford the best there is.

Of course we still believe in over delivering on the value of free upgrades so users still enjoy a full year of complimentary upgrades with any paid registration or upgrade!

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