UltraEdit Masterclass: Are you accidentally leaving your security wide open? [Webinar Recap]

February 25, 2024
UltraEdit Masterclass: Are you accidentally leaving your security wide open? [Webinar Recap]

A security breach is a serious risk for companies that utilize user data for their system to work. Even text editors are no exception and can be the subject of malicious attacks. That said, let’s follow UltraEdit’s webinar on how to protect yourself against breaches and save yourself the headache of dealing with it in the future. 

During the webinar you will:

  • Understand the facts of non-compliance failure
  • See how security-related problems can affect your company
  • Learn how to protect your data when using text-editors
  • Know the different industry practices UltraEdit use to protect users

This webinar is presented by Ian Barker (Developer Advocate).

This webinar has concluded. If you missed it, you could scroll down and watch the replay, skim through the highlights, and access the presentation slide.

Webinar Slides



00:00:00 Start


00:02:30 Introduction

Ian introduced the concept of security breaches and their consequences. He then proceeded to provide viewers with a brief explanation on how UltraEdit protects users against data breaches, making them a harder target through the eyes of bad actors. 


00:04:12 It can happen to anyone

It is a common misconception that only major companies possess the risk against security breaches; however, most attacks are conducted against small businesses.

This section also contains data that shows the frequency of security attacks against US companies alone— a figure that can increase due to unreported or undetected breaches.


00:05:22 What does it cost

Ian explains how a security risk can potentially cost a business everything. Using data from 2020 to 2021, he then proceeded to show the severity of the penalty against non-compliance failures. Aside from being sued by individuals, there also exists the risk of fines under the jurisdiction of agencies and organizations such as the GDPR.

To further explain this, Ian shows 13 more links that state the cost of cybersecurity risks such as data theft and breaches.


00:12:42 But it’s “just a text editor”

Even text editors are vulnerable against data breaches and other threats and vulnerabilities. Data figures from 2018-2022 alone suggest that there were 3.26 million total complaints and around $27.6 Billion in total losses due to vulnerabilities in text editors.

That said, users should be aware of the threat looming behind the screen, especially when using open-source editors.


00:14:18 Security threats and vulnerabilities in text editors

This part of the webinar provides viewers with the possible problems that text editors may have behind the curtains. Ian then formulates various examples of text editor vulnerabilities consumers should be aware of.

From the abuse of third-party plugins to just plain developer negligence, there are multiple ways a malicious attack can be done on a seemingly safe text editor. 


00:21:14 So how do we stop it

Identifying and stopping security attacks before they happen is a crucial skill to have in the digital age. Ian started this section by giving importance to knowing that the threat to data security is real.

To prevent data attacks, users should be aware of a lot of things to ensure their data’s safety; however, this can be easily achieved by using UltraEdit.


00:38:38 How does UltraEdit stop it

Before releasing to consumers, UltraEdit undergoes secure coding practices, testing, and review that provide users with a worry-free experience. Furthermore, to ensure integrity, UltraEdit and its third-party component are scanned by Kiuwan SAST and Black Duck SCA respectively.

Ian also states the importance of your data, that’s why UltraEdit doesn’t send user data to cloud servers. UltraEdit also supports both online and offline license activation, SBOM requests, optional server connectivity, and more for a safer and seamless user experience.


00:45:57 What do we do to secure your editor and your data

In this part, Ian explains UltraEdit’s three-pronged methodology, editor support, and employed tools that makes the editor secure. If you’re curious on how UltraEdit protects your data, watching this section will fill you in with the details.


00:55:06 Q&A

Ian brings the webinar to an end and answers some questions from the viewers regarding UltraEdit.


Have any feedback or questions from this webinar? Send us a message with subject line “UltraEdit Security Feedback” in this address.


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