UltraEdit Testimonials

UltraEdit is the premier file management solution provider for millions of satisfied users worldwide. Despite the numerous editorials and prestigious awards we have earned over the years, the best stamp of approval we have to offer is simply the feedback we get from our users.

Below are a few testimonials we have recently received of our many satisfied clients. Of course no matter what these users have said, the best way to find out what our solution can do for you is to download it and try it for yourself.

 I am a long-term user of UltraEdit (>10 years), I originally purchased UltraEdit with a perpetual license at $100. It was the best $100 I have ever spent! UltraEdit is the only text editor you will ever need. I am a statistician and find many of the features useful such as the “Find in Files” feature and the “Sort” feature with column options. The hex editor is a lifesaver! Many a time I have looked at data in hex and found hidden characters that were influencing my code. My favorite feature that I use almost daily is the column editing feature! It has saved me at least 4 carpal tunnel surgeries. I have tried other editors and none compare to UltraEdit. It is a mission-critical piece of equipment and functions like one. I have only found one bug that was an annoyance, not a hindrance. Technical support is extremely responsive. Lastly, it runs on Windows, Linux, and MacOS, so you never have to get used to another text editor! Buy UltraEdit and impress your boss with your increase in productivity! 

Gregory G.

Hello, I’ve been using UltraEdit for over 10 years. I believe it’s the best text editor on the market today. For me, it really helped with viewing and parsing very large text files; greater than 4 GB. You won’t be disappointed.

Tony P.

I have used UltraEdit for over 15 years on C, C++, Java, Perl, Python, HTML, XML, Linux configuration, YAML, and various other text and binary files. It is particularly useful for very large files. The search functions are great and the remote file (SFTP) capabilities are extremely useful in a multi-system environment. The hex edit abilities are also very useful for seeing exactly what is in a file. Its DOS/Unix/Mac file handling/conversion is very useful in a mixed platform environment. I often copy and paste source files between UE and an IDE to use the column formatting and space/tab replacement options in UE. I am a very satisfied user.

Don A.

 I’ve been using UltraEdit and UltraCompare for over 10 years and can say with certainty that this suite is the best on the market. Prior to discovering UltraEdit I too wandered the wasteland of all the other “Who Done It” editors. Clearly the people at UltraEdit are themselves coders and know what we need. No other editor can easily handle all of large files, binary files, collections of files, syntax encoding, file compare, column or line mode editing, macros, and templates. And those are just the features I use; there’re lots more.

Clint D.

 I have been using UltraEdit as a system administrator and now a malware analyst since 1998. I currently use UE for log and binary analysis. The ability to “Search in files” and programmatically format and highlight the logs has been invaluable. Being able to use the same tool for hex searches at the same time as reviewing text based logs saves me a lot of time.

The latest version of UE has significantly improved performance and immediately began saving me time searching through millions of lines of logs a week. The Perl regex improvement has been the most powerful improvement to UE in years! This new version will give back at least an hour a week! Thank you for once again anticipating your customers’ needs. I have found no other text/hex editor that works as well as the new version of UE. UltraEdit has made a great product even better that’s worth every penny.

Bruce M.

I use really expensive software of a lot of really big firms. And more and more, I get tired of their support and the way I can download their latest releases. Also sometimes paying more than 10.000 € for support each year… Sometimes even the buying of additional licences, or the renewal of the support each year is a horror! (In fact, for them it seems to be a problem, if we want to pay them money!)

With UltraEdit it is REALLY(!) a pleasure to work: download, update, licencing, questions … It has NEVER EVER been a problem now since my first contact with you in 2001!

I often recommend your software because of this!

Klaus N.

I have been using UE since 1996 (and even have a 16-bit version going on an old 486 I use to program Motorola radios (it’s a long story) and I can think of no software more fondly than UltraEdit. Over the many years and many venues (I once consulted for a living) it has continually proven itself a worthy implement in my quiver of tools.

Pressing further, it used in combination with UltraCompare are invaluable in my current assignment.

My sincere thanks for your quality products, rapid and accurate support, and very friendly prices.

William P.

 I have been using UE since 1996 (and even have a 16-bit version going on an old 486 I use to program Motorola radios (it’s a long story) and I can think of no software more fondly than UltraEdit. Over the many years and many venues (I once consulted for a living) it has continually proven itself a worthy implement in my quiver of tools.

Pressing further, it used in combination with UltraCompare are invaluable in my current assignment.

My sincere thanks for your quality products, rapid and accurate support, and very friendly prices.

William P.

I’ve been using UltraEdit for several days, and have so far been very impressed. The more I use it, the more nice features I come across that exceed my expectations. Good work!

I was a Brief “power user” back in the 80’s, and UltraEdit is the first editor I’ve used that is significantly better than Brief for software development. For the past 10 years, I’ve basically “put up” with my current programmer’s editor.

Lynn A.

May I thank you so much for such professionalism you all are showing. I don’t know that many development companies (as big as you) that treat user issues in such a concerned way. I take my hat off to you for that. I never had to worry about your tech support, which is very kind and competent. Keep up the good job, you’ll keep your users satisfied!

Yann L.B.

 Just keep doing what you’re doing! I’ve always loved this product…it’s powerful, easy to use, and has bailed me out more than once.

This is the first time in over 10 years of using UltraEdit that I’ve had to contact tech support, so that’s an accomplishment in itself. Your timely and knowledgeable response has made this one of the very few positive technical support experiences I’ve ever had. Kudos to you!

Tim C.

 I have been a enthusiastic supporter of your products since (at least!) version 8, back in the 1990’s. . . When I bought my own personal license, I decided to cut right to the chase, and buy the “eternal” version. More expensive, but well worth it. And I have never – to this very day – never regretted that purchase one little bit! I have done my best to seed UltraEdit everywhere I go, telling folks that it is truly the “Swiss-Army-Knife” of text editors. And I have seen many of them; payware, free, and Open Source – but none of them, without exception, compares to Ultra Edit.

Jim H.

 Thank you for providing the best editor, Ultraedit is the only one software that I used to edit any code now…

Neil B.

 Basically UEStudio is an ABSOLUTELY SUPERB bit of software and you guys are to be congratulated for a fantastic effort. It’s feature set and flexibility have saved me literally days. Well done.

Ken L.

 You folks are fantastic, and your products must be among the best software bargains around. Speaking of bargains, a few years back I bought the UltraCompare /UltraEdit bundle, and I opted for unlimited upgrades. You keep making the products better, and I really can’t think of many products that are as actively maintained as yours. I actually feel a bit guilty that I don’t have to send you money for the upgrades.

Leonard L.

The UltraEdit software package work-flow and functionality is unparalleled in it’s performance. I have highly recommended this software to everyone I know; even my dog wants a copy at this point…

Rick R.

Wow, 15 years for UltraEdit. Congratulations. I think I have been using this program for almost its entire life-cycle. WIthout doubt it is my favorite and most valuable tool. I don’t know all the nuances of its features as I use it for specific text and binary file editing operations. Thanks, Ian and crew, for a wonderful product .

Dave W.

I’ve been programming for over 30 years now (yeah, we had computers back then…) and have used all the big-name (and expensive) editors… But UltraEdit has been my preferred Windows editor for several years now – it’s fast to load, fast to edit, and handles various languages with ease. With the new XML tools, it’s just about perfect for me… Keep up the good work!

Harmon A.

 I have used UltraEdit to handle very large files, up to 2 Gb in size with 3 million lines. One of the features I like about UltraEdit is that I can completely remove line feeds without limit, while some other editors have a limit and insert a hard feed when that limit is reached. This allows me to manipulate data files by substituting tabs for line feeds, then re-inserting line feeds at specific text strings.

Mike C.

My trust over the past 10 or so years with UltraEdit has become nearly implicit when it comes to stability and knowing it’s going to “do the right thing”.

Justin L.

Everyone deserves a HUGE pat on the back for this offering. You all went out of your way to produce a product that goes above and beyond the expected, especially for an editor program. I’ve been using UltraEdit since 2000, when it was on a PC at work that I inherited. I loved the nice little features and became a loyal fan, even when everyone else was trying to get me to use another editor (doesn’t even come close). I figure that, since getting my lifetime license awhile ago, I’ve probably easily earned it back and then some; best investment I’ve made (and that’s hard to say in this economy)!!!

I just wanted to acknowledge you for all the hard work you all did to provide this amazing update. You really outdid yourself with this one and you hugely deserve high praise for a job well done.

Pat F.

I paid money for a basic text editor because it had out of the box a couple of features that I was looking for but couldn’t find in any other text editors.

I’ve stripped it back to the bare essentials but keep finding little things that greatly improve my work flow to the point that I felt I had to write this testimonial. This is a phenomenal piece of software, it’s eminently configurable (I have a very precise view of what I want and don’t want cluttering up my screen) and I’m able to drag in or switch out elements very quickly and have the application do what I want it to do with a simple easily configured keystroke.

I got my work to pay for another license so I could use it simultaneously on the laptop and pc, then I copied over all the settings so both installations were cloned.

I’m in text editing heaven. You did good here.

Chris M.

Your customer service, and listening to users, is the reason I tell everybody to use UltraEdit! I asked for the “Middle Mouse Paste” /copy on select – XTerm/Unix behavior addition…a year or two back, as well as expressing interest with others for a U3 version. I’m very happy that both are now available!

UltraEdit is the only thing that keeps me sane on an XP machine working with text files. I do still find the occasional :wq at the end of text files from being used to vi in linux. The UE-32 Regular Expression engine is the closest to ‘proper *nix’ that I have seen in any editor, and adding PCRE as well as UE style regex as choices is beyond any expectations. Every other XP text editor I’ve tried (basically, all of em) that has features close to UltraEdit’s functionality is either too task-specific or is so convoluted you can’t figure out how to save a file. The customizable interface makes that a non-issue.

Troy H.

Every single time you come out with a new version you take what was perfect and make it even better and v. 14 does not disappoint. After over 20 years as a business applications programmer, yours is the only software I still get excited about and I actually find it a joy finding out all what it can do. I’m retired now so I don’t use UltraEdit for much more than a Notepad replacement, but I continue to use because I know I *can* do so much more.

You have a wonderful product and I am so happy you have found success with it.

Laurel J.

I just wanted to let you all know how much UltraEdit has helped me both professionally and academically. I have the program at work (it wasn’t a standard tool, I asked my company to purchase a license). I use it for DxL (DOORS Extension Language) scripting and love it.

More importantly though, is how much the tool has helped my in my academic life. I purchased UEStudio with lifetime upgrades because I knew how much I would be using it. I’m an online student attending Florida State University and have found the tool to be invaluable. FSU uses an SSH connection to communicate with their servers. With the FTP settings and SSH support I am able to download an entire project, work on it, then push it back in just a few clicks. I use it for C++, DxL, and MIPS assembly language.

Steve S.

THANK YOU! The ability to search for text in many files while simultaneously working on something else in UE has made me very, very happy. It is easily the best new feature I have found lately. Thank you so much for putting out an affordable, superior product and never resting on your laurels (which are many).

John H.

Thanks for your help and for making such a great product. I have been using this for years now. The flash drive version is life saver, I am working for a client that doesn’t like you to use or install another product on their machines, but with the UE3 version I always have it.

Denver H.

I bought a kit to make my 4200RPM drive an external USB 2.0 drive….when copying large files from the internal drive to the external drive – Windows XP Pro gets a write behind error and aborts the copy. ARRRGGGHHH. …I did not trust the copies and was trying to figure a way to verify that data on the external disk was good. Then it came to mind – UltraCompare!!

…THANK YOU for another great product.

William C.

Everytime I receive a new update from you, guys, it’s like Christmas. I am so happy that I bought unlimited upgrades to what I would called the best and advanced editor in the world. 😀

Carsten J.

(UEStudio) is THE tool that I use every day, I’m not sure how long I’ve been using UltraEdit products now, but I’ve never been happier. Your products have never caused me one problem, and as soon as I think “wouldn’t it be nice if……..” I find that you have added the feature.

Keith A.

..I’ve used UltraEdit since version 6. It’s almost impossible to improve what is already the best, but with every release UltraEdit simply continues to amaze me…

Andrea B.

I went through 6,000+ source files for our project yesterday looking for hard-coded magic numbers as part of a code audit. The VI/Emacs/Notepad guys here complained it would take days to write custom scripts to do this. It took me about 30 seconds to create the regular expression in UltraEdit and generated the report in about 5 minutes. Then I spent another 10 minutes with reg-exp search-and-replace to strip out all of the lines that were in comments. Sweet!

David S.

One of our internal customers, a “power user” in the business area, had a 30MB CSV file in which he needed to search and replace a string that looked to be on each and every line. He was using a different editor to do it, and it was taking about 4 minutes because it would redraw the screen after each replace. He wondered if we had a better way of doing it. He placed his file on a network share where I could get to it. We watched as UltraEdit did over 48,000 replacements in about 3 seconds. His reaction: “Unbelievable!” He’s on his way to talk to our desktop support group about buying him a copy!

John B.

I have used UltraEdit since I started my carreer as a system developer. I have tried a lot of other text-editors, and some WYSIWYG-editors. None of them stands up to your product. After trying these other programs, I always return to UltraEdit.

Einar I.

UltraEdit is the very best text editor for developers I’ve ever seen. I personally specialize in web developement, and neither Macromedia Dreamweaver nor Adobe GoLive! could ever compare to that fantastic program you’ve made!

Michael G.