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Install UltraEdit and our other apps on your system in a single click. Better yet, activate all apps at the same time by simply entering your license information once.

Your personal license of All Access comes with installation / activation authority on up to 5 systems. Use the All Access Manager to simply install your apps across all your systems.


The All Access Manager provides you with quick and easy access to all your IDM applications for Windows. Simply download and install the Easy Access Manager… Then…

  1. Select your language
  2. One click to install
  3. Enter your license key to activate all apps

Important download note: In order to give you the best experience, the All Access Manager makes use of Microsoft’s WebView2 UI component, which is currently in mass deployment through Windows update. Your system may not yet have WebView2, in which case you can download it directly from Microsoft.

Note: The All Access manager is currently available for Windows only. Mac/Linux applications can be downloaded and installed individually: UltraEdit for Mac/Linux | UltraCompare for Mac/Linux

All Access elevates the way you experience your workflow. Intuitive. Beautifully simple. Secure.

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All Access elevates the way you experience your workflow

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