UltraCompare for Linux latest changes


Latest Linux release: 21.0, released on 21/4/16.
Latest Mac release: 2024.0, released on 2024-05-15.

UltraCompare for Linux v21.00 Changes (2021-04-16)

  • Git conflict resolution
    • Easily resolve conflicts in new mode
    • Select lines to keep – local, remote, or both
    • See result in bottom pane before saving manual merge changes
    • Optionally finish commit after all conflicts are resolved
  • Git version compare mode
    • Compare any two versions of a file from a Git repository
  • “Repositories” window
    • Shows all repositories on system
    • Lists all local and remote branches for active repository
    • Git icon color reflects repository state
    • Easily switch to different branch
    • Resolve conflicts or launch version compare
  • “Branch browser” window
    • See and browse files within repository’s active branch
    • Git icon color reflects branch state
    • Sort files by Git status
    • Resolve conflicts or launch version compare
    • Open blame log from context menu
  • “Conflicts” window
    • See files in conflict state from active repository
    • Launch Git merge mode to manually resolve conflicts
    • Take all from local / remote
    • Launch diff or open blame log
  • Improved and automated Git mergetool / difftool integration with UC Linux
  • New Git configuration options in UltraCompare » Preferences
  • Automatic scanning for Git repositories, with “ignore folder” options in Preferences