UltraCompare 2024.0

Cloud storage services plus new version patching utilities now in UltraCompare.

UltraCompare 2024
UltraCompare 2024.0 brings your favorite difftool in line with the rest of the toolkit with cloud storage services integration. With this change, for example, you can navigate to a Google folder or a OneDrive folder and execute compares and merging from them as if they were saved locally.

Also in this release, we’ve added a setting and configuration for patch outputs. When you compare two files and a result file is produced, you can configure a few settings for patch compatibility:

  • Choose to save files for compatibility with other patch utilities.
    You can configure the settings in Configuration → Backup & Save.
  • Use “Save Result Report” in order to output a patch file
  • Choose to use a command line patch utility to patch files in place

We hope you enjoy this release. Please do not hesitate to send us your suggestions for the next version of UltraCompare.

UltraCompare Linux 2023.0

Modernized user interface, more fine-tuning parameters, and all new ways to sync and merge files.

UltraCompare gets a revolutionary update in 2023. Some of the notable changes in this release are visual tweaks to the comparison interface, new folder compare options, and more granular control on how comparisons are executed.

It will also be the first major release that will make its way to the Windows and Mac versions of UltraCompare simultaneously.

The most prominent update will be the functional facelift of the tool’s main comparison panes. Careful thought has gone into deciding what needs to be updated and what would make the most sense in making compare merges much more intuitive.

Secondly, UC 2023 comes with a lot of new filter options and compare parameters. This includes new tweakable options to fine tune your compare and merge settings. These settings include adding time stamps parameters, new hash compares, and setting default session options. Most of these may come off as niche use cases but it is an indispensable addition to those that can use it, so try them out!

Lastly, this release comes with a number of tweaks and bug fixes based on your reports. For a complete list of QoL tweaks and bug fixes read our blog post.

To get a comprehensive understanding of all the changes in UltraCompare 2023.0, we highly advise reading through the release announcement blog.

UltraCompare Linux v21 now available!

Getting setup with Git in UC 21

The first time you run UltraCompare v21, you’ll see a prompt to enable Git. Review your settings here and confirm Git integration.

You can also manually enable Git

If you start UltraCompare but aren’t prompted to enable Git, don’t worry – you can enable it manually. To do so, go to UltraCompare » Preferences and scroll over to the Git Integration item. Check Enable Git integration, then click Browse to select the folder containing the Git binary.

Getting setup with Git in UC 21

Interact with repositories and branches

UltraCompare 21 introduces two new Git-centric windows to give you an overview of your repositories and branches. You can toggle these in the new Git menu (“Show Repositories” and “Show Branches”).

The Repositories window provides a listing of all detected repositories on your local system, and the Branch browser allows you to explore contents of the active branch of the selected repository. Contextual actions allow you to compare / diff, merge, change branches, etc. The helpful Git icon overlays show you repository and file status.

Interact with repositories and branches

Compare different versions and states of a file in a Git repo

Ever wanted to compare a file from a repo to a previous version of itself, or perhaps its state in a different branch? Or perhaps you want to compare your uncommitted changes to the HEAD version? The new Git version compare mode makes all this possible.

You can open a version compare from the welcome screen, by clicking “Diff versions” in the Repositories pane, or from the Branch browser’s context menu.

Compare different versions and states of a file in a Git repo

Resolve merge conflicts and complete merges

UltraCompare gives you an easy way to see files with merge conflicts in the new Conflicts window, which you can find in the new Git menu (“Show Conflicts”). From here, you can easily see how many conflicts you have to deal with, then actually resolve them in UltraCompare’s new Git merge mode.

Resolve merge conflicts and complete merges

Set UC as system’s Git difftool and mergetool

If working directly on the command line is your thing, you’ll appreciate UltraCompare’s automated config support for difftool and mergetool. Configuring UltraCompare for this is as going to Preferences (see below) and checking both of these options.

Set UC as system's Git difftool and mergetool

Git config options

Need to adjust the Git binary path? Want to set or unset UltraCompare as difftool and mergetool? Want to configure directories to exclude from automatic repository scanning? The new Git Integration preferences area gives you access to these settings and more.

Full changes list

Git config options
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