UltraCompare for Mac latest changes

Latest Mac release: 2022.1, released on 12/16/2022.
Latest Linux release: 21.0, released on 4/16/21.

UltraCompare for Mac v2022 release notes (2021-12-08)

  • Lightning fast text merge results
    • Re-engineered text merge to provide instant merge
    • Eliminated compare / pane refresh after merge
    • Various other minor merge improvements to provide better user experience
  • New merge settings in Preferences » Merge
    • Separate “prompt on merge” settings for text and folder mode
    • More granular settings for folder and text modes
  • Various theme and difference color improvements
  • Theme improvements:
    • Added three new dark color themes: Studio Dark, One Dark, Predawn
    • Set Studio Dark as default theme
    • Improvements for text mode colors
  • Other minor improvements and issues addressed

UltraCompare for Mac v2022.1 release notes (2022-12-15)

    • Binary mode improvements
      • Hex offset support
        • Set hex offsets per frame to compare or ignore different areas of binary data
        • Right-click on any byte to set beginning and ending offsets per-pane
        • New session properties for offsets
      • Added Goto hex address
      • Compare by byte offset
    • Folder compare improvements
      • Sort folder lists by file type / extension
      • Sort indicators for column headings
    • Ignore spaces and tabs separately in text mode
    • Improved accuracy of binary differences highlighting
    • Added tooltips for long paths in git UI dropdowns names
    • Print preview now reflects page orientation settings
    • Resolved issue with archives failing to open for compare
    • Addressed issues with next/prev diff buttons after folder compare
    • Addressed crash with very large folder compares
    • Addressed crash when launched from terminal

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