UltraCompare for Mac latest changes

Latest Mac release: 2023.1, released on 2023/11/20.
Latest Linux release: 21.0, released on 21/4/16.

UltraCompare for Mac v2023.1 Changes(2023-11-20)

  • Features and enhancements:

    • Merge into New File
      • Merges 2 existing files to a new file
      • Prevents accidental merges to existing files
      • Select “Run read-only compare” from folder mode context menu
    • Integrated dockable PowerShell window
    • New command line options
      • -bt Ignore tabs
      • -gitcp Compare to previous version
      • -gitcu Compare to unmodified
      • -gitor Open local repository
    • “Compare as” context menu command for Folder mode
      • Select specific compare mode for selected file
      • Choose from Text, Binary, Table modes
    • Multiple difference alignment methods
      • Myer’s algorithm (traditional) – standard diff algorithm that is fast and efficient but may not produce the most human readable or comprehensible difference matching and alignment
      • Patience diff (new) – context specific method that works off of common sets of data within documents to build difference matches and alignment to produce results closer to human expectations within short ranges of common text blocks

    Other notable enhancements and quality improvements:

    • Compare engine improvements for better matching and alignment
    • CTRL+Z results in undo of ALL session edits, not just the last one
    • Add support for “Use bold font for differences” for binary/table modes as well
    • Allow users to merge “fake lines” over content in file compare to delete content in target file
    • Impossible to enter =! in quick find dialog
    • Attempting to compare specific RAR archives fail
    • Repeated crashes during specific folder merge
    • Timestamp difference enhancements suggested for comparing FAT to NTFS folders
    • When adjusting columns in one table column widths should be automatically matched in the other table
    • Improved application stability
    • Allow customer to specify folder that should be used for temp files
    • -nonrec should force non-recursive compare but doesn’t work
    • Sync rules are empty after installl

UltraCompare for Mac v2023.0 release notes (2023-5-31)

Features and enhancements

  • File merge UI enhancements
    • – Merge buttons for each difference
    • – Improved visibility of difference blocks
  • Folder mode enhancements
    • – Added hash compare options: CRC, MD5, SHA1, SHA256
    • – Added timestamp compare options: Modified, Accessed, Created
  • New ignore options:
    • – File extensions
    • – Daylight savings
    • – Timestamp range
  • Compare arbitrary column ranges between two files
    • – Supports multiple arbitrary column sets
  • Folder session display and filter option defaults can now be set in settings

Other notable enhancements and quality improvements

  • Allow users to specify Git folders to include (not just exclude)
  • Ignore DCIM folders from connected devices
  • UltraCompare doesn’t properly extract text between square brackets from PDF documents
  • UltraCompare doesn’t properly extract German open quote from PDF documents
  • 3-way compare doesn’t show scrollbar for each map on Windows
  • Prompt to normalize line terminators interferes with detection of UTF-16BE file format
  • Crash attempting 3-way compare with certain files
  • Allow difference text background color and common text background color to be independent
  • EAR and WAR files should be handled the same as JAR/ZIP files
  • File merge in 3-way folder mode doesn’t update modified file
  • Restored command line functionality from previous versions
  • Print preview shows incredibly small text
  • Cannot select a large number of lines after editing in text compare
  • Confirmation button added dialog prompting users to apply changes to the active session
  • UltraCompare shows two files as identical when comparing local files to network files
  • Wrapped lines are not completely copied to clipboard if they include “||”
  • Git merge shows incorrect line count for certain merge conditions
  • “New compare” dropdown should include Zip/Rar/Jar compare sessions
  • Crash during folder merge with certain files

UltraCompare for Mac v2022.1 release notes (2022-12-15)

    • Binary mode improvements
      • Hex offset support
        • Set hex offsets per frame to compare or ignore different areas of binary data
        • Right-click on any byte to set beginning and ending offsets per-pane
        • New session properties for offsets
      • Added Goto hex address
      • Compare by byte offset
    • Folder compare improvements
      • Sort folder lists by file type / extension
      • Sort indicators for column headings
    • Ignore spaces and tabs separately in text mode
    • Improved accuracy of binary differences highlighting
    • Added tooltips for long paths in git UI dropdowns names
    • Print preview now reflects page orientation settings
    • Resolved issue with archives failing to open for compare
    • Addressed issues with next/prev diff buttons after folder compare
    • Addressed crash with very large folder compares
    • Addressed crash when launched from terminal

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UltraCompare for Mac v2022 release notes (2021-12-08)

  • Lightning fast text merge results
    • Re-engineered text merge to provide instant merge
    • Eliminated compare / pane refresh after merge
    • Various other minor merge improvements to provide better user experience
  • New merge settings in Preferences » Merge
    • Separate “prompt on merge” settings for text and folder mode
    • More granular settings for folder and text modes
  • Various theme and difference color improvements
  • Theme improvements:
    • Added three new dark color themes: Studio Dark, One Dark, Predawn
    • Set Studio Dark as default theme
    • Improvements for text mode colors
  • Other minor improvements and issues addressed