UltraCompare latest changes

The list below contains the latest changes for UltraCompare Professional. For a more thorough look at what has been added, take the tour of the new features.

The most up-to-date version is 2022.20, released on 2022-05-24.

UltraCompare 2022 changes (2021-11-17)

  • Lightning fast text merge results
    • Re-engineered text merge to provide instant merge
    • Eliminated compare / pane refresh after merge
    • Various other minor merge improvements to provide better user experience
  • New merge settings in Settings » Merge
    • Separate "prompt on merge" settings for text and folder mode
    • More granular settings for folder and text modes
  • Various theme and difference color improvements
  • Scrollable map sizing improvements
  • Force refresh for folder mode (Shift + F5)
  • Theme improvements:
    • Added three new dark color themes: Studio Dark, One Dark, Predawn
    • Set Studio Dark as default theme
    • Improvements for text mode colors
  • Key mapping for Find Next / Find Previous
  • Support for ignoring files or folders with spaces in name
  • Updated FTP component
  • Improvements for selecting items in 3-way folder compare
  • Other minor improvements

UltraCompare 2022.10 changes (2022-01-21)

  • Performance and visual improvements for text mode merge
  • Improved responsiveness of merge controls
  • Optimized navigation of large files when compare is still processing
  • Improved accuracy of differences map
  • Visual improvements for table mode column and row headers
  • Automatic correction of mixed or incorrect line terminators on paste
  • Improved handling of externally modified MS Word document
  • Addressed isolated folder mode crash
  • Addressed issues copying selected text in "Diffs only" view
  • Addressed issue merging last difference in files
  • Addressed issue with "Next diff" button not working properly
  • Addressed copy/paste issues in third pain of 3-way text mode
  • Other minor issues addressed

UltraCompare 2022.20 changes (2022-05-24)

  • Binary compare improvements
    • Hex offset support
      • Set hex offsets per frame to compare or ignore different areas of binary data
      • Right-click on any byte to set beginning and ending offsets per-pane
      • New session properties for offsets
    • Configure number of bytes per line
  • Folder compare improvements
    • Sort folder lists by file type / extension
    • Sort indicators for column headings
  • Text compare improvements
    • New UltraEdit-style Quick Find
    • Ignore spaces and tabs separately
    • Active line window can always show paired lines
  • Table compare improvements
    • New option to ignore whitespace
  • Git improvements
    • Optionally show conflicts / modified files at top of branch browser
    • Optionally hide remote branches in branch browser
    • Better visual indication of background Git interactions
    • Improved aesthetics for Git reviews and compares
  • Command line and output improvements
    • Support for multiple ignore option flags for text mode
    • New -ignt switch to "ignore timestamp differences" for folder mode
    • Added support for -ne, -m, and -a switches for folder mode
    • New switches for setting output format:
      • -ofa will use "All frames" result format
      • -ofc will use "Difference in context" format
      • -ofo will use "One frame only" format
      • -ofs will use "Side by side" format
      • Note: These switches must be ordered after file/folder paths used for comparison
    • Generate HTML result report from command line (add .html extension to output file)
    • Difference indicators for folder mode result report:
      • * = file is different between folders
      • < = file exists in the left pane's folder only
      • > = file exists in the right pane's folder only
  • Other improvements
    • See active / total number of differences in status bar for text, binary, and table modes
    • Support for Ctrl + mouse wheel to zoom in / out
    • New print option to set printed font size
  • Several issues resolved

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