UltraCompare 2022.20 released

If you merge text in UltraCompare, have you ever thought, “I wish this were faster…”? Yeah, us too.

That’s why we’ve pushed pause on installing new functionality in UltraCompare and turned our focus exclusively on making merging faster and more responsive than ever. We’ve re-tooled the text merge engine completely to provide lightning fast merge results. We’ve redesigned UltraCompare’s data handling to completely eliminate unwanted redrawing of compare panes and refreshing of compares so you can get your merges done as quickly and as nimbly as you expect.

UltraCompare 2022 also includes more granular merge settings for text and folder mode. Check out more belo

UltraCompare 2022 released

What’s new in UltraCompare?

Version 2022.20 is the latest release of the 21.x series. You can also go directly to the change list.


Improved merge settings

Want a prompt for folder mode merge but not text mode? You got it. The new Merge section in Settings provides you with more granular control over merge behavior.


Oh yeah, we threw in a few new application themes for you too.

Check out our three new themes with modernized colors. Just because you’re dealing with data doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style.

See the full list of changes in UltraCompare v2022


UltraCompare 2022.1 now available

Another performance upgrade for you

We are pleased to announce another huge upgrade in performance and responsiveness in UltraCompare! Version 2022.1 builds upon the huge upgrades in merge performance in v2022 with even further optimizations. Checkout a few of the changes below or click through for the full change list.

New in v2022.1:

  • Performance and visual improvements for text mode merge
  • Improved responsiveness of merge controls
  • Optimized navigation of large files when compare is still processing
  • Improved accuracy of differences map
  • Visual improvements for table mode column and row headers
  • Automatic correction of mixed or incorrect line terminators on paste
  • Improved handling of externally modified MS Word document

See the full list of changes in UltraCompare v2022.1

Git editor

UltraCompare 2022.2

Expanded command line support, hex offsets, quick find for text mode, more…


UltraCompare 2022.2 complements the previous version’s lightning fast compares with new functions and usability improvements.

This release adds a number of new functions and options for nearly all compare types. Command line, results report, and printing also get some usability tweaks and improvements.

Expanded command line functionality

Using the command line now has several new options for generating various output formats. These make it easier to integrate UltraCompare as part of automated command-line based processes.

For example, UltraCompare is now easier to use for the following:

  • Routinely check filesets for changes
  • Prompt backup systems when a file is updated
  • Verify backups or automated sync processes

Text mode gets Quick Find, and merging in Just Differences view

One of UltraEdit’s handy features makes its way to UltraCompare. Quick find is a small search interface that provides a quick and easy-to-access search dialog accessible via Ctrl F.

Merging blocks in Just Differences mode is now also possible.


Improved look and features for Git

We’ve also implemented several improvements for  Git integration in UltraCompare.

  • Added sort by conflict and modified files
  • Option to hide remote branches
  • Revamped visual design for reviews and compares
Improved look and features for Git

Get more control with updated Binary Mode

Binary mode now supports hex offsets for both the beginning and end of the compare. This means that you can focus on specific portion(s) of the data you wish to compare, even if it doesn’t logically align. We’ve also added the ability to customize the number of hex bytes per line as well as go-to hex address, similar to UltraEdit.

There are several small changes that impact usability all throughout the application, as well as some quality issues being addressed. Read the documentation to see the complete list.

See the full list of changes in UltraCompare v2022.2

 Get more control with updated Binary Mode
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