UltraFTP v2022.0

Featuring ease of use and quality of life improvements

UltraFTP 2022.0 is a quality-focused release. The highlights for this release are focused on improving existing functions or adding some new small but nifty options. Update now to the latest version to benefit from these updates.

Improved per session UI state and folder sync

The user interface’s overall performance has now been improved. Multiple changes on the backend now manifest as snappier and responsive interfaces. Users will also notice that the client will show updated information on ongoing transfers.

Folder sync’s performance has likewise been improved—it is now slightly faster and responsive than on previous versions of UFTP.

Streamlined multi-window and sessions

When running multiple sessions or instances of UFTP, the corresponding file transfer windows will now remember sizes.This allows you to freely adjust sizes for independent windows without having to reconfigure them. Sizes are remembered.

Upgraded encryption protocol library

UltraFTP has updated its support for different types of keys with the latest encryption standards. This includes improved TLS 1.3 support which provides compatibility for a broader range of servers and encryption standards.

Other quality of life tweaks in v2022.0:

  • New option to unhide password field on input
  • New option to send deleted files/folders to Recycle Bin
  • Remaining files counter added for transfers
  • Added ESC keyboard shortcut to cancel outgoing FTP transfer
For the full list of new changes, head on over to our latest changes page.
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