Subscription Plans

Whether you need just a single product or the full suite of UltraEdit tools for just a few dollars more, you can choose the flexibile subscription plan that works for you.

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UltraEdit subscription

Get the latest version of UltraEdit and UltraCompare for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

  • Latest versions guaranteed
  • Matching UltraCompare free
  • Up to 5 installs (personal licenses)
  • Veracode verified
  • World class tech support
  • Win / Mac / Linux versions
  • Extended term discounts

$79.95 / year


All Access subscription

Get every Windows application we publish, including UE and UC Mobile, plus UE & UC for Mac/Linux. Includes the latest versions and free updates for all apps.

  • Every application we publish
  • Win/Mac/Linux versions of UE & UC
  • Latest versions guaranteed
  • Veracode verified
  • Up to 5 installs (personal licenses)
  • World class tech support
  • Extended term discounts

$99.95 / year

Which subscription is best for you?


All Access

UltraEdit and all the tools you need! Most popular

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UltraCompare (Mobile USB version) icon
UEStudio (Git and version control integration and dev tools) icon
UltraFTP (Powerful FTP client with session support) icon
UltraFinder (Powerful search client for Windows) icon
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Fully integrated toolset for full spectrum editing icon
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“When it comes to software development, security, and keeping pace with technology trends, there is no finish line. That’s why subscription products have become the preferred licensing model in our industry. We publish a minimum of 15 releases per year spread across our supported platforms and commercially supported products. Can you imagine paying for upgrades to stay up-to-date at this rate? Add to that the ease of activation and updating, multi-year discounts, and overall flexibility that subscription plans offer! By far, our subscription products are our customers most popular choice.”

Richard Knott, VP/COO