Guaranteed support means guaranteed productivity!

Standard support

Every product we license includes basic email support covering installation and general usage of the product. However many businesses and corporate customers often require a more comprehensive support service to insulate their production needs and critical project deliveries. A support service that guarantees priority handling, allows access to senior engineers, and even includes a call back service in order to solve their specific issues in the least amount of time...

IDM priority support overview

Time is money, so with priority support we guarantee you priority access to skilled technicians knowledgeable about IDM software.

Priority support includes access to our senior engineers – Should you encounter an issue that our priority support technician cannot resolve; your issue will be given priority status and escalated to our senior engineers.

Priority Support has the following benefits:

1. Guaranteed response time
You will be given an exclusive priority support email address that is staffed especially for you. If you email during normal business hours (8:00-5:00 EST) M-F, we guarantee that you be responded to by a qualified Priority Support technician normally within 30 minutes or less.

2. Priority handling
IDM conducts its standard tech support via email. Customers, who have upgraded to priority support, will receive priority handling and a guaranteed response time.

3. Call backs
If a technician cannot resolve your issue via email, we will call you if needed to gather more information and/or to resolve your issue.

4. Multiple contacts
Priority support grants subscribers an exclusive email support ticket system for two contacts per organization.

5. Unlimited number of support tickets
With a priority support contract, your organization can open as many support tickets as needed.

6. Extended hours, weekends and holidays
Limited after hours and weekend/holiday support is provided, but not on a guaranteed basis.

7. Notification of point releases
Priority support customers will be given notification of point releases.

Twelve months of unlimited Priority Support for registered users of IDM software is only $495.

For more details on priority support, or to purchase priority support for your existing license, please email us directly.


IDM will use all reasonable efforts to resolve customer support requests in a timely manner. Requests that require engineering staff attention may take longer to resolve and may not be addressed at all if the issue is related to unsupported versions, operating systems, or related to unique circumstances uncommon to normal program use.