IDM PowerTips

Declutter your folder compare results with mark and hide

Have you ever wanted to hide files/folders that aren’t relevant for your immediate compare needs? We have… While UltraCompare offers many compare filtersand ignore options, sometimes you just need more control.

As of UltraCompare v7.20, you can now mark and hide files/folders on the fly.

Mark and hide files

Marking and hiding files is easy. First, right-click on the desired file/folder and select Mark – you can select individual files or multiple files.


As you can see, the selected files have now been marked with a yellow highlight.

To hide the files, right-click and select Hide Marked.

The files, or in our case folders, will be hidden from the view.

Show hidden files

If you’ve hidden files, you can easily show them again by selecting Show Hidden.

The files/folders will now be visible again.