IDM PowerTips

Custom user-defined templates

Templates are a very simple yet very convenient feature of UEx; they allow you to store and quickly access frequently used snippets of text for insertion into the current document. We will take a look at how to create, modify, and insert templates below.

Create and add a template

Go to Tools -> Display/Modify Templates

Here you will see the interface for adding a template. First, click Add to begin the process of creating a new template. You can now either type or paste in your template content into the main text area. This is the text that will be inserted into the active document when you insert the template.

Next, you can optionally provide a name for your template. This is a good idea – especially if you have multiple templates so you can easily identify which template is which.

Finally, click the OK button to finalize and add your new template. It will now be accessible from anytime within UEx!

Inserting your template

Now that you have created your template, you can insert it into the active document. To access this via the UEx main menu, go to Edit -> Insert -> Template… or Insert -> Individual Templates -> and then select the template you wish to insert. You will see the template inserted into the active document at the current caret position.

You can also insert the template via mapped hotkeys. To insert a template this way, press Alt + #, where # is the number index of the template you wish to insert.