IDM PowerTips

Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut keys: Maximize your efficiency

One of UltraEdit’s most powerful features is its ease of navigation. Many users are unaware of the shortcuts available that add speed/efficiency to this powerful application. Use these shortcuts in your day-to-day use of UltraEdit and see how much easier your favorite text editor has made some simple tasks.

Please note, the shortcuts listed here are default shortcuts, feel free to customize your shortcuts as you would like.

Document Navigation Shortcuts

Ctrl+Up Scroll up one line keeping cursor in view
Ctrl+Down Scroll down one line keeping cursor in view
F4 Toggle focus between active file and Tree View if shown
Alt+Right Position cursor at first not space character of next paragraph
Alt+Left Position cursor at first not space character of current paragraph (if positioned mid-paragraph) or previous paragraph
Alt+Page Up Position cursor beginning of first line in of the display
Alt+Page Down Position cursor beginning of last line in of the display
Alt+'-' *NM Position line with cursor at top of window
Alt+'+' *NM Position line with cursor at bottom of window
Alt+"*" *NM Position line with cursor at center of window
Ctrl+'1' *NM Position the cursor at the end of the previous word
Ctrl+'2' *NM Position the cursor at the end of the next word
Ctrl+F6 Make the next document window active
Ctrl+Shift+F6 Make the previous document window active
*NM : Will Only work on the numeric keypad.

Select/Delete/Insert Shortcuts

Ctrl+Shift+Left (or Right)Selects the word preceding (or following) the cursor
Ctrl+BackspaceDelete the word preceding the cursor
Ctrl+Delete Delete the word following the cursor
Ctrl+I Insert a literal character at the cursor position
INS Toggle between Insert and Overstrike mode

Hex Mode Shortcuts

Ctrl+H Toggle HEX editing mode
Ctrl+D Insert or delete characters in HEX editing mode

Bookmark Shortcut

Ctrl+F2 Toggle bookmark on and off
F2 Goto next bookmark

File Menu

Ctrl+N Create a new document file
Ctrl+O Open an existing document file
Ctrl+Q Open an existing document without showing File Open dialog
Ctrl+F4 Close an existing document file
Ctrl+S Save the active document
F12 Save the active document as a new file
Ctrl+P Print the active document

Edit Menu

Ctrl+X Cut text from the document into the clipboard
Ctrl+C Copy text from the document into the clipboard
Ctrl+V Paste text from the clipboard into the active document
Ctrl+0-9 Select active clipboard
Ctrl+A Select All text in the active document
Ctrl+Z Undo the last action if possible
Ctrl+Y Reverse the last Undo action if possible
Ctrl+J Select the current word (same as double click)
Ctrl+E Delete line the cursor is on
Ctrl+F11 Delete from the cursor to start of line
Ctrl+F12 Delete from the cursor to end of line
Ctrl+W Toggle Word Wrap on/off
F7 Insert time/date at cursor

Search Menu

Alt+F3 or Ctrl+F Find a character string
Ctrl+F3 Repeat last find toward beginning of file
F3 Repeat last find toward end of file
Ctrl+B Find matching brace (,[,{ or },],)
Ctrl+R Find and replace a character string with another
Ctrl+G Goto the specified line (or HEX address)

View Menu

Ctrl+U Toggle File Tree View
Ctrl+F8 Toggle Tag List

Format Menu

Ctrl+T Reformat the current paragraph or selected text
Ctrl+F5 Convert selected text to lower case
ALT+F5 Convert selected text to Upper case
F5 Capitalize first character of each word in selected text
Shift+F5 Invert case of all characters in selected text
Ctrl+K Invoke the spelling checker
ALT+C Toggle column/block mode on and off

Macro Menu

Ctrl+M Replay a macro
Ctrl+L Replay a macro the specified number of times

DOS Menu

F9 Run DOS Window command
Ctrl+F9 Repeat last DOS Window command
F10 Execute Windows Program

Help Menu

Shift+F1 Invoke the context help command and cursor