Warning: Cracked Versions of UltraEdit have been found to include malicious Files – Malware, Spyware, or even Viruses

If you are using a cracked copy of UltraEdit, you may be introducing malware and advanced viruses to your system. These malicious files can ruin your computer, exploit your privacy, and compromise the work you are doing within UltraEdit. The results can be even more devastating for companies using illegitimate copies.

Application Crashes
We’ve received reports from users who experienced system crashes that they attributed to UltraEdit. Our tech support assisted these users by reviewing the dump files and determined that the versions were cracked copies of UltraEdit and that the cracked copies were laced with harmful malware – which was interfering with UltraEdit’s operations and creating the crash conditions.

Corrupted Operating System
In one instance, we received a report from a user who installed a cracked version of UltraEdit that actually corrupted his operating system (due to a virus contained in the installer). At the time of the install, the user was obviously unaware that the cracked version contained any malware or viruses. Additionally, once the virus was detected, the anti-virus program could not remove it. This particular user was forced to reinstall the OS which resulted in a loss of data.

The cost of using crack copies of UltraEdit

Clearly, in the above cases, software piracy hurt the individuals by causing damage to their system and data – not to mention the valuable time and money spent to recover from the damage. Some believe that piracy is a “victimless crime”, but the costs of software piracy are severe. Who else is hurt by software piracy? Sofware piracy also hurts:

Software publishers are affected through the loss of revenue which directly impacts the lives and families who work for the company.

Legitimate Users
Legitimate users are affected because the publisher must divert valuable resources (time, energy, and money) from developing their software into preventing piracy.

The Global Economy
Perhaps the biggest “cost” is the impact to the global economy. The cumulative costs of piracy present a staggering figure. According to the Business Software Alliance, in 2007 software piracy cost the global economy over 47 billion dollars.

Clearly, software piracy is not a “victimless crime”, software piracy affects us all.

Why use an authentic license:

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Authentic software does not contain malicious viruses/malware.

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