UEStudio hotfix download

You can download the hotfix by going to Help » Check for Updates, or manually at the UEStudio download page.

UEStudio v2023.1.0.23 (released 2023-09-06)

  • “Open files” dockable window always shows as undocked when restarting the application

  • IME issues, specifically for Tamil

  • Commands in Key Mapping section of configuration dialog visually overlap with certain screen settings

  • “Replace all is from top of file” mnemonic key changed to “T”

  • Updated libxml2 to 2.11.4

  • Reverted application icon

UEStudio v2023.0.0.50 (released 2023-6-14)

  • Configuration dialog fails to open due to missing resource
  • Application fails to start due to missing resource
  • Removed old contact information

UEStudio v2023.0.0.48 (released 2023-6-9)

  • PowerShell: “Run selection” command improvements with selected and pasted content
  • PowerShell: Cannot press CTRL+C to cancel running PowerShell script
  • PowerShell: Added commands to command palette
  • PowerShell: Handling of escaped quotes
  • Remove line comment should only remove the comment at the beginning of the line
  • Focus jumps to wrong pane while typing after using F-10 to switch active pane
  • Result from sum selection involving negative numbers is wrong
  • Function definition isn’t returned in function list
  • Crash after “an unnamed file contains an incorrect path” error
  • Crash when scrolling in certain ASP files
  • Selection issues with long lines and unlimited column mode
  • Perl regular expression is highlighted incorrectly
  • Valid C# function not included in function list

UEStudio v2022.2.0.52 (released 2023-2-13)

  • Corrected display of local directory instead of HTML content for live preview
  • Resolved crash issue when WebView2 support was not available
  • Addressed command line license activation failure

UEStudio v2022.1.0.112 (released 2022-10-05)

  • Addressed text issue when cutting selection
  • Addressed unwanted brief selection with Ctrl Backspace
  • Addressed HTML following line comment in embedded PHP is not highlighted correctly
  • Addressed keywords are auto-corrected in commented text
  • Removed stale Quick Find status messages
  • Addressed focus shifts back to the beginning with multi-caret editing
  • Addressed crash issues during startup
  • Addressed F2 no longer works for rename in project pane
  • Added Key mapping missing for JavaScript Lint
  • Addressed custom key mapping for project isn’t visible
  • Addressed issues with FTP and File Explorer
  • Addressed double-click to open file at referenced line doesn’t work
  • Addressed repeated crashes using Quick Find
  • Addressed underscore interpreted by default as word delimiter
  • Addressed switching HEX/ASCII sides of HEX mode doesn’t work
  • Addressed crash with Command Palette and command search
  • Addressed syntax highlighting bug with JavaScript
  • Addressed Fortran line comment doesn’t work
  • Addressed corrupted file display with tile windows
  • Addressed Quick Find focus switch while typing
  • Improved stability on Windows 11
  • Restored selection of empty lines behavior
  • Addressed auto-correct keywords affects text typed in quoted strings
  • Addressed incorrect vertical/horizontal tiling with multiple files
  • Addressed block comment following PHP open file marker highlighted incorrectly

UEStudio v2022.1.0.100 (released 2022-08-18)

  • Addressed crash related to reloading FTP files
  • Theme adjustments to improve contrast in selections containing highlighted code
  • Addressed issue with string character auto-completion
  • Addressed incorrect syntax highlighting colors in some themes
  • Addressed a few syntax highlighting issues
  • Addressed issue with HTML tag auto-completion in PHP files
  • Adjusted Markdown syntax highlighting to not escape string chars in code blocks, spans, auto-links, and HTML
  • Addressed issue with F5 not refreshing split File Explorer
  • Added support for relative paths for command palette file open
  • Addressed issue double-clicking file tab to close
  • Addressed “Sort files by Git status” issue
  • Addressed other syntax highlighting issues