3 Reasons Your Company Should Be Using UltraEdit in 2023

February 4, 2019

It’s the start of a new year, a time when many organizations assess what they’ve accomplished, and what lies ahead. It’s important to make sure you and your team have everything you need to take on new, upcoming challenges. This includes taking a look at your company-wide software. Is the text editor that your team uses powerful enough to set you up for success in 2023? Here’s how UltraEdit will prepare your team for their most productive year yet.

1. You’ll have the best tool on the market.

A master mechanic needs top-of-the-line tools to do high quality work. The same is true for technology professionals. Industry leaders rely on UltraEdit. It’s an expert-level, comprehensive program that supports all the most popular coding languages. Not only can UltraEdit handle a tough workload, its thoughtful features make your work easier. Code-folding ability makes managing large amounts of text a stress-free experience. Built-in syntax highlighting keeps users visually focused. The column mode feature allows fast and flexible work along the Y axis of any document. All this is contained in a streamlined, customizable UI. Other stand-out features of UltraEdit include:

– Built-in FTP

– Highly flexible configuration options

– Templates

– Large file editing

On the topic of working with large files, UltraEdit’s powerful ability to handle them is something that sets it apart from other text editors. If you have employees who worry about file sizes, that’s a sign you need to upgrade to a more robust program. UltraEdit can ease those worries, and turn large file editing from a headache to an easily accomplished daily task.

UltraEdit has evolved because of feedback from professional users across a variety of industries. From programmers, to pharmaceutical researchers, to database managers, UltraEdit was shaped by leaders and creatives who understand the value of using first-class software. Our user base requires the best of the best—and UltraEdit rises to the occasion.


2. You’ll get powerful utility–for everyone.

UltraEdit serves a variety of industries, but user diversity also exists at the company level. Picture this: you’re in a crossfire between die-hard Mac users in one department and Windows machines everywhere else. A few of your freelancers use Linux, and you’re struggling to keep up with the needs of so many different users. The solution? A multi-user plan with UltraEdit includes Windows, Mac, and Linux versions. The program is ready to install for your entire team.

Or maybe you’ve never put much thought into the text editor your team is using on a daily basis. Without resources or direction, some employees might turn to downloading open-source software. The problem with that is the lack of security. Those types of programs can introduce malware, which could compromise your entire operation. UltraEdit users don’t have to worry about security issues and have confidence that their work and sensitive data is secure. That’s why UltraEdit is hardened by source code analysis and security tools. We’re invested in application security to ensure our customers are protected.

You have a multifaceted business, but you don’t want to sacrifice the convenience and cost efficiency of only having to invest in one program. UltraEdit is an all-purpose tool. It is extremely customizable, so it’s perfect for the differing needs of many departments or individuals. Our users sing the praises of how personalized the UltraEdit interface can be. Your entire company can use UltraEdit. It can be optimized for specific positions, so that everyone gets exactly what they need.


3. You’ll be supported.

Investing in a product without a proper network of customer support can end up costing your business more than you anticipated. When your team doesn’t have a reliable source to turn to for the answers they need, your business can waste time and money.

In addition to a lack of security, an open-source text editor is also lacking customer support. When your employees run into an issue, there’s nowhere to turn to get a clear answer. The hidden cost of an open-source software is valuable time wasted looking for answers, and those answers aren’t guaranteed to exist. Or worse yet, say your employees do find an answer—or so they think. Unverified solutions to problems from dubious sources can even lead to lost or corrupt file data.

Fortunately, UltraEdit takes an extreme amount of pride in our support team. We’ve been assisting our users for 25 years, and are confident in our ability to answer even the most specific of questions. Access to quality support empowers your company. You can move forward with your most important work knowing that your questions will have answers. When you invest in UltraEdit, someone is always on the other side. Your license provides you with unlimited lifetime support, so no matter when your team needs help, we’re there for you.

Make sure your team can get the answers they need to do their jobs as efficiently as possible. By purchasing UltraEdit, you’re partnering with our dedicated support team. We look forward to tackling your company’s 2023 goals, together.

It’s imperative that your business has every tool it needs to succeed in the coming months. UltraEdit is the only choice to serve all the needs of multiple users in a professional setting. The access to our support team will ensure your success for years to come. Get a quote today.


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