UltraEdit Masterclass: Handling large files with ease [Webinar Recap]

February 16, 2023
UltraEdit Masterclass: Handling large files with ease [Webinar Recap]

UltraEdit is renowned for being able to open and edit large files, but with such an extensive feature list there is bound to be ways to better utilize the editor’s capabilities. 

If you want to become a better power user, join our experts, Bradley Hawkins and Ben Schwenk, on Feb 23, 2023, Thursday 1:00 PM CST as they walk us through UltraEdit’s large file handling capability.

We will be exploring the tool’s feature set that could potentially unlock you a more effective and streamlined workflow—especially when working with huge datasets and text files. 

During the webinar you will:

  • Get an idea of when and where developers encounter large files
  • Learn the must-know features when it comes to huge files
  • Powerful features like find & replace, scripts/macros, sort, and more
  • Know how to set up your workspace for the task
  • A couple of interesting use case demos

This webinar has concluded. If you missed it,  you can scroll down and watch the replay, skim through the highlights, and access the presentation slide. 

Slide deck

Webinar replay and summary

0:00:00 – Introduction

Meet the presenters and a high level run through of the webinar.

0:03:10 – How and Why UltraEdit focuses on large files

A brief history of why large file handling came to be UltraEdit’s bread and butter. Brad also describes the technology behind UE’s large file capabilities.

0:04:52 – Optimizing UltraEdit for extremely large files

Optimize and maximize UE’s large file handling capability by enabling and disabling some of these options in the editor’s configuration menu.

Note: UE’s default configuration already on large files well out of the box.  It would be best to follow this configuration when you are encounter issues when dealing with extremely large files.

0:08:33 – Demo: Testing performance on a large XML file

Ben showcases UE’s speed and performance when opening and navigating files into the editor. There are also useful tips and tricks when you have to use UE’s find and replace on large files. This demo was done using a 700 MB XML file.

0:14:39 – Large data types

Quick list of file formats and types that usually get big such as SQL, XML, TXT, etc.

0:15:45 – UE Scripts: Split text files into parts by size

A demo of UE’s scripting engine using a javascript supplied by one of our community users from a while back. This particular one accepts a file size input  Download more scripts here or make one yourself (tutorial).

0:17:28 – UE Scripts: Split SQL file by table

Another demo of a script that runs through a database file and splits them into its constituent tables for easier editing and file manipulation.

0:19:07 – Huge XML file & XML viewer (Customer Requests)

A quick showcase of XML file viewer and how it was used by a user. In this section, Ben shares how feature UX are designed before they are inculcated into the editor. This highlights how important user requests are in making sure the editor remains configurable and easy-to-use. (If you have requests, send us a message to let us know.)

0:24:40 – What’s next for large file handling?

A teaser for what new features and tweaks are coming to help users handling large files.

0:32:30 – Release previews for 2023 and beyond

A wider overview of potential updates coming to UE in 2023 and beyond.

0:35:18 – Answering audience questions

Q&A portion of the webinar. Has a lot of useful tidbits and general advice for UltraEdit users.

What’s Next?

This was our second masterclass webinar and we have a lot more in store. Ben and Brad already have their eyes on a possible next topic… so stay tuned!

If you’d like to know more about what UltraEdit’s plans are for large file handling, there is a section near the end of the webinar wherein Brad talks about the potential updates coming to UE 2023.1 and for UE in general.

And once again, if you’d like to help steer the direction of the next webinar, please answer the feedback form below.

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