UEStudio latest changes

The list below contains the latest new and enhanced features for UEStudio. For a more thorough look at what has been added, take the tour of the new version.

The most up-to-date version is 21.10, released on 2021-10-18.

UEStudio v21.00 Changes (2021-03-26)

  • IntelliTips improvements
    • Updated parser for more accurate auto-complete
    • Improved function tips when typing function calls
    • UEStudio now parses active file and parent folder for symbols
    • Supports local files and files opened via (S)FTP
    • Optionally scan and include additional folders
    • Several new config options in Settings » IntelliTips
  • Improved auto-complete
    • Fully themed auto-complete dialog
    • Choose when auto-complete automatically shows in Settings » Auto-complete
  • Fully resizable Find and Replace dialogs
  • New context menu option "Delete lines" in Find String List to delete all lines containing string
  • New option to "Highlight all items found" with Replace
  • Theme support for nearly all application dialogs to provide cohesive look and feel
  • "Highlight all selected" optionally matches:
    • Whole word only (and optionally only when selection is a whole word)
    • Case
    • Configure in Settings » Search » Advanced
  • "Save and Close" command
  • "Open last-closed tab" option (file tab context menu)
  • Ability to save an empty, new file
  • Save As option to leave both original file and new file open
    • Support for remote (FTP) files
  • Go to previous and next position using forward and back buttons mouse
  • Dynamic highlighting of XML and HTML attributes and values
  • Clicking in line margin to select now selects entire soft-wrapped line
  • Other minor enhancements and issues addressed

UEStudio v21.10 Changes (2021-10-18)

  • Interactive Find in Files
    • New option for "Interactive results" in Find in Files dialog
    • Provides "live" view of all search results in a single edit tab
    • Expand and collapse search results as needed
    • Modify matched files directly in results
    • Perform mass replaces in one or all results
    • Save each result individually, or all at once
  • Scroll through file tabs with the mouse wheel
    • Set in file tabs context menu
    • Set in Settings » File tabs » Miscellaneous
  • IntelliTips improvements
    • Implemented threading for improved performance when parsing source files
    • Eliminated slowness when typing in IntelliTips-parsed file
    • Updated and modernized parser engine
    • Added support for dozens of additional languages
    • Added IntelliTips automatic scanning of external "include" folder configured in Settings » Auto-complete » IntelliTips » Parser
  • Improved performance
    • Faster loading of multiple files
    • Improved file tab handling with many files open
    • Faster project load
  • Added ability to remove items from "Recently opened" / "Recently closed" lists in File View
  • Added key mapping support for "Go to Previous / Next Position"
  • Added "Yes and make active" option to File Change Detection prompt
  • Changed split window behavior to show same view in both splits
  • Added three new dark color themes (Studio Dark, One Dark, Predawn)
  • Updated Ctags (to universal-ctags) for more robust and modern symbol parsing
  • FTP component updates
  • Addressed File Change Detection prompt appearing for FTP files
  • Improved support for Perl regexp negative lookbehinds
  • Improved selection for binary data and nonprintable characters in text mode
  • Improved auto-complete to be more user friendly and less obtrusive
  • Find in Files improvements when searching files with corrupt / incorrect encodings
  • Improved storage and handling of settings and customizations data
  • Smarter handling of auto-recovered unsaved files with Save State enabled
  • Renamed update exe to prevent erroneous launch from Windows Temp File cleanup
  • Removed legacy spell check support (Aspell) for increased application security
  • Miscellaneous improvements to increase application performance and reliability

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