UltraFinder full feature list

UltraFinder is a powerful personal search engine which can search a variety of drives/locations for file content, file names, or file duplicates. Check out all of UltraFinder's features in the list below.

Find locations

Note: The following features apply globally to both Find Files mode and Find Duplicates mode.

  • Search an entire drive or subfolder
  • Add multiple find locations
  • Search by UNC file path
  • Search folders from FTP/SFTP servers
    • Configure multiple FTP accounts
    • FTP, SFTP, and FTPS support
    • Proxy support
    • FTP browser
  • Add individual files to find locations
  • Recursive find (search or ignore subdirectories)
  • Optionally ignore hidden subdirectories
  • Find locations history for quickly recalling a previously-searched folder
  • Split File View
    • Browse local or remote drives
    • Drag folders or files to find locations list
    • Filter file listing
    • Show or hide hidden files

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Find files / folders

  • Pause or cancel search
  • Multi-line search strings
  • Search string history to recall your previously-used strings
  • Search string favorites
  • Find files or folders by name
  • Find files by content
  • Search on FTP servers
  • Optionally use native OS file index (Master File Table / MFT) for lightning-fast results (available for file name search only)
  • Full regular expression support (Perl, Unix, UltraEdit-native)
  • Regular expression helper (quick reference)
  • Match whole or partial word
  • Match case / case sensitive search
  • Search Filter
    • Find files within specified date range (created or modified)
    • Find files within specified size range
    • Find files with specified attributes
  • Create file listing of find location(s) by leaving search string empty
  • Find non-matching lines (reverse or negative search)
  • Find files NOT containing string / text
  • Specify file names and types to search (wildcards supported)
  • Ignore file names and types (wildcards supported)
  • Ignore specific subdirectories
  • Optionally set encoding (code page) to use for search string
  • Search PDF files
  • Search Word documents (.doc/.docx)

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Find files results

  • Auto-hiding / docking results window
  • Grid-style find output with collapsible matches (lines containing search string) for each file
  • Expand/collapse all results
  • Criteria reported for each file:
    • Name
    • Path
    • Number of occurrences of search string
    • Size
    • Date Created
    • Date Modified
    • Attributes
  • Line numbers shown next to matched lines (text file search only)
  • Highlighting of search string in matches
  • Double-click a result to open it in its default application
  • Copy results to clipboard
    • All results
    • Selected result
    • File path/names only
    • Selected item(s) only
    • Visible (non-collapsed) results
  • UltraEdit/UEStudio integration
    • Open file at match location in UE/UES
    • Open results as new file in UE/UES
  • Load selected result(s) in UltraCompare
  • Save and print results
  • Two results windows (maintain find results from two separate searches)
  • Messaging output for errors, warnings, and FTP logging

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Find duplicates

  • Specify duplicate criteria
    • Content
    • Name
      • Ignore case / case sensitive search
      • Ignore file extensions
    • Dates (created or modified)
    • Size (max. and min. file size)
  • Ignore options
    • Ignore zero byte files
    • Ignore system files
    • Ignore hidden files
    • Ignore Recycle Bin files
    • Ignore Windows files
  • Include or exclude files and folders by name / extension (wildcards supported)
  • Find duplicates on FTP servers

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Find duplicates results

  • Results organized in duplicate groups
    • Ability to sort duplicates by clicking column headings
    • Context menu options for marking and deleting duplicates
    • Confirmation for deleting multiple duplicates
    • Ability to specify duplicate deletion method (Recycle Bin or file delete)
  • Duplicate file preview pane
    • Preview duplicates directly in output window as you scroll through results
    • Preview text, PDF, and images
    • Preview Office documents (requires MS Office)
  • For each duplicate:
    • Open in default program
    • Check file properties
    • Open containing folder
    • Open in UltraEdit
    • Compare and diff in UltraCompare
  • Deduplicate
    • Rename
    • Send to Recycle Bin
    • Delete permanently
    • Delete all except oldest / newest

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Other / general features

  • Themes
    • Manage Themes dialog for skinning the entire application (dockable panes, menus, toolbars, file tabs, status bar, etc.)
    • Switch themes with a single click
    • Use one of several pre-defined themes or create your own
    • Import, export, and share your themes
  • Streamlined update/upgrade process
    • Check for FREE updates
    • Check for updates notifies if update is free or paid
    • Patch files (instead of EXEs)
    • Backup and restore toolbars, menus, settings, and other personal customizations

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