UltraFinder 2023.0

Search through your entire expanse of files with new integrated cloud services options in UltraFinder!

UltraFTP v21.00 now available

Here’s a little something for the new year: UltraFinder 2023.0 is now released and draws parity with the other tools in the UltraEdit suite. With this update, you can now use UF to search and scan all your files—even those in the cloud!

With cloud integration, you can now search all your cloud-saved files inside a single application. For instance, if you have multiple cloud accounts or if you haven’t mounted all your cloud profiles in your desktop, you would have to manually log in for each. But with this new feature, you can use UltraFinder as a hub to search all your files from any supported cloud service.

UF 2023.0 currently supports the following cloud services:

  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Amazon S3
  • Dropbox

These are the currently supported cloud services. If you have a specific service that you would like added to UF, please let us know via email.

UltraFinder v2022.0 now available

Improved performance and accuracy for PDF, Word Docs, UTF-8, and more!

UltraFTP v21.00 now available

UltraFinder v20 represents a dedicated effort to perfect and improve performance for PDF and Word Document searches. We’ve spent weeks under the hood, perfecting UltraFinder’s search engine for these document formats to ensure greater accuracy and proper highlighting of matches in the search results area.

In addition to this, we’ve vastly improved UltraFinder’s search support for non-Latin Unicode / UTF-8 characters when searching file contents and looking for case sensitive matches. Display of Unicode data in search results is greatly improved.

Got duplicates? UltraFinder 20 includes zebra striping for duplicates by group so that you can more easily identify, sort, and act upon duplicate files. This update also includes much better performance and user experience when scrolling, sorting, and deleting large numbers of duplicates.

You can download and install UltraFinder before you buy it!
This download is for the full version of the software and includes a 30 day free trial before you are required to register it.