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FTP Folder Compare with CRC

Have you wanted to do a quick folder compare – between a local directory and remote directoy – without downloading the files first? No problem… As of v7.20, UltraCompare now supports an FTP CRC compare method. With the CRC compare feature, UltraCompare will now compare a local/remote directories (and files) using a CRC/Hash value rather than downloading files for local comparison.

Step 1: Enable the CRC compare option

By default, UltraCompare will not use the CRC compare option; therefore, you will need to enable the option to use it. You can enable the option in Options : Configuration : FTP.

When a FTP compare is performed with this option enabled, UltraCompare will attempt to get a CRC value for the files from the FTP server. UltraCompare will use the CRC32, MD5, and SHA1 commands. UltraCompare will prompt you if none of these commands are supported by the remote server. In this case, the folder compare will be executed defaulting to the current/active folder mode compare option – this would also default to the “download” behavior.

Step 2: Select the folders for comparison

Now that you have enabled the CRC option, you can start your FTP compare. Simply select the desired folders for comparison.

You can select the FTP folder in File : FTP : Open from FTP.


Note: If you need to configure your FTP account, see the “Configuring FTP accounts power tip.

You can select the “local” folder by clicking on the browse/open button.


Step 3: Compare your files!

Now that you have selected your folders for comparison, select the green Go button.


UltraCompare will compare your local and remote folders using the CRC/Hash value.

Note: When the CRC option is enabled, you will see a CRC column in the compare results.