IDM PowerTips

How to use the UltraEdit for Linux tar package

IDM maintains specific packages of UltraEdit for several Linux distributions. You can see these here. For all other distributions, a 32 and 64 bit tar package is available. The instructions for downloading, extracting, and using UltraEdit from these tar packages are listed in the steps below.

General Install Instructions

1. Download the tar.gz (32 or 64 bit depending on your system)

2. Open a terminal and change directory (cd) to the location where you saved the tar.gz

3. Type: tar zxvf <Uex tar file>

4. Type: cd uex/bin

5. To run UltraEdit, type: ./uex

Optional: You can additional create a “launcher” through GNOME by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting “Create Launcher“. For “Command“, type the full path to the UltraEdit binary (in step 5 above).

Advanced Installation Instructions

Note: The following instructions are intended only for users who wish to run UltraEdit via symbollic links.

1. Perform basic installation as above (Steps 1 – 3)

2. Type: cd uex/bin

3. Type: mv uex uex.bin

4. Create new file, type: uex

5. Enter the following into the file:

export UEXROOT=

6. Save file and exit

7. Type: chmod +x uex

8. Type: ./uex